HELP: Kentia Palm Drying Out

gaurangpatkarMay 23, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I live in Dubai and have a Kentia palm, that has started drying out on the tips of the frond leaves.

The plant is kept indoors, in bright (But never direct) sunlight. I water the plant once a week (And soil is generally moist). I have a large pot, but there is no drainage.

Over the last 2 months, the leaves have started drying out at the tips, before the frond completely dries out and dies. What's surprising is that the same time this was happening, I also got new fronds with leaves emerging.

Now it has reached a point where the plant is drying out quite fast, and I'm worried. Could it be over or under watering? Please look at the photo and give me your expert opinions!

Thanks from Dubai!

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If it is in a large pot with no drainage, it could be overwatering. The roots might not be reaching the bottom of the pot and the water could be pooling there. I would repot it in a pot with drainage holes and if the pot is a lot larger than it should be then you should give it a smaller pot since kentias are slow growing palms anyway.

Another problem could be the dry air indoors if you are running air conditioning. Misting the leaves could be a fix for that problem.

Also check for webs between the leaflets and pretty much at any joints. If you see small webs, those are from spider mites which could be the cause of your problem. They love the indoors.

Good luck!

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pjs555(united kingdom)

The tips of the leaves are brown. If you water with tap water the salts in the water build up and this turns the tips brown. Always water with rain water or if you can't get rain water use bottled water. The chlorosis on the centre part of the leaves may be due to the same build up of salts and/or waterlogging. Repot the plant with drainage holes. The rest of the leaves and stems on the whole appear green and healthy apart from the yellowing so a new shoot will be able to grow. When you change to rain or bottled water you should see new leaves without the brown tip.

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I bet it's spider mites based on leaf discoloration. Check the underside of leaves and post pic if possible. Palms that are growing indoors under dry air conditions are very prone to spider mites.

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No drainage is very bad..lethal. I bet its going anaerobic down at the bottom of the pot.
Put it in a pot with much drainage holes. They are very slow growers..but eventually you will see it recover.

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