wanted: plumeria newbie & have question re id

roxanna-2008August 23, 2008

Hello everyone ! I am new to this forum as well as new to growing plumeria (... didn't realize that this is addicting). Just came from Hawaii vacation 3 months ago and got interest on plumerias. I brought home 2 cuttings first then bought 4 and 1 more coming (it's true, one is not enough..). All of them are growing now and thanks for all the information you shared in this forum.

I have a question regarding the "ID". As I'm reading the threads, some members are asking what's the ID of their plumeria and I got confused. When I bought my plumerias in Hawaii (HNL airport)the label says Yellow, Red and the others I bought online are Pink and White. I also have "hybrids (?)" because they have a name ? like Violet Princess, Penang Peach,Orange Punch. So the YRPW colors I have has a name and to be IDd when they bloom ? Or they are just plain Yellow, Red,Pink and White. Please help, need info on this. Thanks !

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