Improve Areca Drainage

Palm_shadeMay 5, 2013

I have an Areca that has a rootball of about 20cm across, trouble is the soil the palm was grown in is very water retentive making it hard to water properly and harder to flush, am I stuck with the soil in the rootball? The roots look quite dense and are wrapped all round the rootball. Ive got perlite and normal compost ideally id like to totally replace all the soil but ive heard plenty of times not mess with palm roots.

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I would leave the rootball alone if not rotting roots- if the root ball is dense, sounds like a happy palm... just put in larger pot with somewhat better soil- the roots will eventually grow into the new soil... but for most palms, water retentive soil is not so bad. I think I have more trouble watering my palms too little than too much (less of a problem with indoor palms than the outdoor ones in pots, which are nearly impossible to overwater).

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