Foxtail palm issue

jaxboro(9)May 27, 2010

Question about my triple Foxtail.

It was planted at the beginning of last Dec., when it was still in the 80s. I protected it from the cold and all three trunk made it, of course with hefty leaf damage. Well, 2 of the 3 have already pushed out a frond and a 2nd is on the way. The 3rd trunk though has done nothing, but it is still green, hasn't snapped, or wants to budge no matter how hard I tug.

The tree was field grown, so I'm guessing it is finally letting it's roots take off and is limiting new frond growth.

Anybody else know what it may be doing?

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Is the trunk soft ? sometimes they grow again but sometimes not.

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As long as it still has some green in the fronds (even if its restricted to just the growing bud), it should make it, but its going to need great care for the next year or 2 before it will look very healthy again.

Good luck!

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No, the trunk isn't soft.

Really? Ugh, that sucks, hopefully it kicks up later this summer, just like the other two already have.

The spear has no signs of pushing though, and that's what is concerning me.

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It might still be stressed. Hopefully when summer really kicks in, iy will start to grow. Palms are surprising plants and as long as they have some sign of life,they can really come back after seeming dead. At least some of the Foxtails will make it, and hopefully it will be a while before a winter like the last hits Florida.

Good luck!

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