have: have: cutting of slaughter pink or similar

pinkspoonbillSeptember 1, 2009

A branch broke off of my Slaughter Pink plant recently, and I do not need another plant like the parent. Would anyone be interested in trading for this cutting? It is 9 or 9.5 inches from the bottom to the branched top. The top has two tips that are maybe a half inch each. It was flowering when it broke, so it is just now branching, and the flowers are actually still on there, but may not make it until it is shipped and received.

The flowers look just like Slaughter Pink to me, but I cannot guarantee that it is indeed SP. In fact, I thought originally it was Aztec Gold, but it most certainly is NOT.

For trade, I'd be interested in things from my list. I can also include other plants in the trade that I have in my have list. That will make a bigger trade if you prefer. Depending on what we trade, I might prefer more than one plant or plant-type, and would be happy to include some of my other plants. In general, I'd like plants that I can put outside in Central AR and expect them to make it through the winter. We're supposed to be z 7, but I've seen nothing below 10 F since I've been here for 4 years. I'll try marginal plants outside, but not those I know won't make it. As far as plumeria cuttings, it is too late in the year for me to root rainbow or reds, or oranges. I have so many plumies that I am going to just acquire ones that have some unusual, different or nice characteristic.

I am open to trading in person in Central AR, but will most likely be mailing through US mail.


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This cutting is on its way to a new home. However, let me know if anyone is interested in other trades. I have plants besides plumeria, and look for other plants as well. My trade list should specify the plants.

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