Sure fire way to get rid of Earwigs

dowlinggramMarch 21, 2013

I read the FAQ's for Earwigs and no mention was made of Earwig traps. I find they are the best and only way to kill Earwigs in my opinion. I once had a bed of mostly Marigolds and overnight it was desimated by baby Earwigs. I put out 1 of these traps in a baby food jar and the next morning it was full to the top with little gray baby Earwigs. It works for the adults too.

Making the traps
In a small container--I like to use the scoops from laundry detergent-- mix equal parts of molasses or corn syrup, cooking oil, and full salt soy sauce. Bury it up to the brim where ever you have an Earwig problem. Prop a lid or stone or piece of wood over the top leaving a small hole for them to crawl into the container. You'll be surprised just how many you get.

The reason behind the ingredients
The sweet molasses or corn syrup is the bait.
The oil doesn't allow them to crawl out once they are in the container.
The salt in the soy sauce kills them and the dark color makes it look like just the bottom of a hole.
The original recipe called for molasses and that does make the concoction darker but I found corn syrup works just as good and it was what I had on hand the first time I tried this.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Great idea to post some earwig trap ideas! I don't think that you need the sweet stuff at all but they are apparently attracted to the smell of soy sauce. Floating some oil on top is a good step. Earwigs are also attracted to beer....just as slugs are.

My favorite trap is to fold a couple of sheets of newspapers, then roll them into a tube. Soak in water, then place in an area where the earwigs have been seen overnight. In tbe morning, toss out the newspapers and all of the lodgers.

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Well rhizo I have tried your way with rolled newspaper and didn't get near as many earwigs as with these traps. I have also tried pieces of bamboo and lots of other ways. I tried beer too for slugs in a small plot where I had planted lettuce.

The slugs ruined all the lettuce I put out beer and got all of 2 slugs. I decided to pull all the lettuce and the slugs in the row were laying one on top of the other. I had boiled water for instant coffee and grabbed the kettle and boiled the buggers. Then I put out safers slug bait. I seldom have a problem with slugs now

I consider these traps to be the best way to deal with Earwigs and putting them out drastically cuts the number of them I have to deal with. I have never cut out the sweet stuff and I don't think I will. They cost very little to make because you only use enough to cover about 1/2 inch of the bottom of the container. Why fool with something that works

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Although many people love to hate earwigs many do not seem to grasp that they are also predators of many of the insect pests that are in our gardens.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Earwigs

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

dowling, I wasn't trying to negate what you've said....just adding to your good suggestions with my own. There are plenty of ways to get the job done, I think, and I'm just glad that you've brought the subject up and made some good suggestions! day I would hope that you could learn from others' experience. Occasionally, even a healthy, balanced garden can become over populated with earwigs and that can be devastating to young plants, in particular.

I do thank you for that describes mentions the many plants that earwigs love to eat and several other control strategies besides the ones that dowlinggram and I offered. Housekeeping practices can be quite important (changing the environment) in keeping these insects under a pest status threshold.

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Rhizo, I know many people that have had 1 years experience 30 times and many others that have had 30 years experience. When people such as Ann Lovejoy, Lee Reich, Rebecca Coles, and numerous others tell us that making the soil good and healthy so our plants will grow up strong and healthy and will be better able to withstand insect pests, but also encourage us to do what we can to encourage the beneficial insects perhaps we should listen to them.,

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kimmser. For many years I didn't do much to control Earwigs. but 3 years ago I was overrun with them. My plants were very healthy and my soil can rival the best soil around. I have many beneficial insects in my garden. I know what they look like and encourage them to stay. I have a few toad houses and some resident toads as well. No beneficial insect could have stemmed this envasion of Earwigs. I not only had them in the garden but in the house as well.

If you garden as long as I have there will come a time when you have to take action too or face the fact that all your hard work is for nothing.

I am offering a non chemical environmentally friendly way to get rid of Earwigs if they become pests. If you want to keep them around your place that's fine but I don't

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michaelwilliamscott(6B CAN) guys DO love to get pissy with each other, don't you?!

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Nice post regarding earwigs control.

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I tried with just vegetable oil and it works pretty good too, but that only help a little. Maybe I'll try adding corn syrup next time just to see if it'll trap more. Here I have a picture of what my trap looks like --> earwigs problem

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