Time to repot Palour?

rikyrik(SE UK 8)May 2, 2013

I potted up last year I thought the pot was slightly to big for it but when looking lastnight noticed a few roots coming out the drain holes, would it be a good idea to pot up?

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I would not repot that plant for years... roots coming out the bottom is no big deal, but if the entire pot is roots and no soil, THAT might be a problem (your plant will be a LOT bigger by then, and may start to yellow a bit or have trouble staying hydrated and that will be a clue). I have seen Parlor palms do well in the same pot for over 10 years at a time.. Just thoroughly irrigate the soil to wash the accumulated salts out regularly.

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rikyrik(SE UK 8)

Ok thanks, ill leave it :)

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Looks good for now! Mine has only been repotted once and it's 10 years old (and is not showing signs of needing any repotting anytime soon). Your's probably will be good for another year or 2 before it needs to be repotted.

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