Natural pest control?

eggplant2eat(5)March 11, 2010

I have search here but can't find..

I want to control pests in my vegetable garden but am clueless as what I can do......any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

also, how do you attract good bugs and bees?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Firstly, you should begin educating yourself about the many different critters you'll likely meet in your garden...good and bad. Identifying the pests as well as the beneficials will be extremely helpful to you. I think that a good field guide is a terrific place to start. Visit your local bookstore to see if you can find something that you like. (I have several, but often recommend The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders. I made it a requirement for my college level insect classes, and since the book is covered with a black leatherette binding, several people thought that I was teaching Bible studies, lol.)

Bees, of course, are attracted to plants that provide plentiful supplies of nectar and/or pollen. Many of the annual and perennial flowers that we incorporate into our landscaping will end up being bee (and butterfly, moth, hummingbird, etc.) plants. Do some internet searches on 'nectar plants' and you'll get lots of ideas.

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Insect pest control starts with the soil your plants grow in. Plants growing in a good healthy soil are less attractive to insect pests. Then you need to learn about the beneficial insects and their needs and plant things that will help attract and keep them nearby for when you may need them. Finally you need to properly identify which insect pest you have and learn about the proper and least toxic means of controlling that insect pest, if you really need to. Many times there really is no need for control because if you wait just a bit the predators of that pest will take care of it, provided you have not sprayed something the at will kill them off.

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