Preventing birds from eating chiles

BioTomatoFebruary 12, 2012

Last year i planted a couple thai chile plants and ended up with bareky enough for a couple meals because of the birds. how do you keep them away?

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bird netting is one option. If you have a lot of plants spread out, it makes it tough though.

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skycopp(Maryland -7a)

I read about this problem somewhere and I saw that one of the suggestions was to hang a bunch of cd's in the area. Apparently light bouncing off of them seems to frighten birds.
I haven't tried this so some other expert will have to chime in.

One thing I can tell you that does work is that I built a cube using 3/4 inch pvc that was about 4x8 and 4 feet tall. I covered the whole thing with bird netting, placed over my pepper plants in their little containers, and they kept the birds off all year.

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So far, I haven't had any problems here in FL with Birds... My gram was always feeding birds (I own her property now), and so there are plenty around... I guess just none that are used to having hot peppers in their diet...

Heres to hoping it stays that way.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Get a cat or a plastic owl

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I only had problems with birds when I grew Kung Pao, when only growing Ghost chili's no problems with birds. I am guessing the upright fruit of the Kung Pao were inviting to birds. Just wondering if you are growing varieties that grow upwards? Guess the CD, cat, or bird netting so far the best to try.

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Cats are easily atracted - at least down here... There are a number in the neighborhood... When I thought I had rats in my garage, I left a piece of bread in the garage every night for a few days... Before long, I no longer had a rat problem... Stopped feeding the cat, and I no longer have a cat problem either :P

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Many cats have a thing about trashing plants. I gave my son 5 plants about 1.5 ft tall last spring and his cat destroyed two and the other three were severely wounded. I have heard many other stories of cats attacking plants. Maybe if the cat isn't enclosed in the area that the plants are growing they wont attack them but then if they are not around the plants, they cannot protect them. Be careful is all I am saying.

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This guy isn't about to attack a decent source of shade. His(rather large)presence is enough to keep the birds at bay and he's still fast enough to catch a tasty vole once in a while.

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