Bagged leaves

thornythicketranch(9)March 26, 2013

I have been offered more than a dozen large bags of leaves which I thought I could use to mix with soil and manure however on opening some of the bags I found ants, which I already have in abundance on my property but more importantly, I found the bags contained rather a lot of tiny (1/4 inch or less) black worm like insects. I have no idea what they are, maybe some kind of larva? They got pretty active when disturbed. My question is, do I want the bagged leaves? It seems a shame to turn down some good mulching material if these lil black things are harmless.
The leaves are from the Georgetown, TX area if that helps any.
I really would appreciate any feed back. Thank you :-)

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Likely they're fine. But without images of the critters, any comment -- including that one -- is a pure guess.

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The ants, because they have been removed from their colony will likely die off. The small black larva can be difficult to identify, so it is not easy to tell if they are baddies or not. Possibly packing a few in a plastic baggie and taking them to your local Texas A & M Cooperative Extension Service office might result in identification.

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Thank you Jeanoo1a and Kimmsr, I appreciate your feedback. That's a good idea Kimmsr! Why didn't I think of that ? :-)

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I find that there is a large part of our population that do not know of the existence of the Cooperative Extension Service and another large part that thinks the CES is only a service for commercial interests, ie farmers. Although many people are kind of familiar with 4H they do not know that it is part of the CES.
That lack of knowledge as well as lack of use is why in this day of budget cutbacks the Cooperative Extension Service is among the first things on the cut list.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

also.. a properly maintained compost pile.. would never have these populations.. as it would be turned over monthly or so.. so as to disturb any population explosion ...

the simple answer is .... to properly compost it this year.. and use it in fall.. or next year..

the root of your problem .. is that you were hoping to use it ASAP ....

as you implied.. it would seem to be a shame .... to waste it ... the only question remaining.. how to finish the compost process ...

good luck


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Kimmsr, you are correct, unfortunately unless one already knows about the CES, there is little to point one in their direction, one hears so little about them.

Why thank you Ken, I shall use it next year then!!! :-) I was more worried about potential destruction than using it ASAP but I get your point and appreciate everyone's feedback.
Thank you.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

why.. you are welcome ....


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