OK to Prune Some Pindo Fronds in Half?

carnealyMay 6, 2013


I have two pindos (Butia capitata) on which it would be nice for the view out of our house's windows if we could prune the bottom half of the fronds on the lowest row of fronds. This is probably the third row down from the top. I don't want to remove the whole frond, just cut the fronds' bottom half off. Is this OK to do given the other two rows of fronds above that will be green and whole?



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I think it would hurt the look of the palm to cut the lower fronds in half. If you really want to, you can prune the bottom fronds. I don't recommend doing it if you want your palm to grow as fast and nicely as possible, but pruning green fronds every now and again will not hurt the palm. In more northern climates it's not recommended to do this because you want your palm to be as strong as possible during the winter time, but in climates where they grow well a pruning like this is not bad as long as it's not a habit (and I personally like palms better when the green fronds arent pruned).
Good luck!

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Thank you, Alex. We will take off the bottom row of fronds.


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