Takil post with pics from habitat,some of the best I have ever se

jimhardyMay 20, 2010

Posted on the GOTE forum,stunning pics of Takil in habitat

growing next to Pine,Oak and many other plants in this

amazingly diverse and magical area where they come from!

Here is a link that might be useful: Takil

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Thanks Jim, that was a real treat to see them in the natural habitat.

I noticed they do not mind part shade and can grow from under large trees. They also grew on steep slopes. I have a hunch their roots are designed well for slopes and do not require a level surface like most other palms. Some leaves looked bent down and it had that look our unwraped palms get after a heavy snow. It must snow there once in a while.

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Its a very beautiful palm, too bad that many plants sold as takil in the US are mislabeled. Those seem to be in very heavy shade and I think Trachys look best when in shade despite there slower growth and less resistance to wind and snow (since the leaves are so streched out).

Thanks for sharing!

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I had two of these but one died over the winter. Before i saw this I wasn't sure if mine was takil. Mine has stiff, thinly serrated leaves just like the one in the pic.

I think this place sells real takil. Their info is off but this is real

Here is a link that might be useful: t. takil

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It does snow and get cold there,down to 0(f) I have heard.

In the summer they have heavy monsoon rains.
It is better to grow Trachy seedlings in part shade as they will grow faster.
They do grow in semi-shade in habitat until they reach their massive heights(for a Trachy)of 30-50 feet.

They are forecasting 97 here for Monday!
Can't really believe it,we'll see about that.

No matter though with 10+ days of 80+ weather
should see some explosive growth!-esp out of the Nanars.

Here is a link that might be useful: !0 day

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