c1nicoleiJuly 31, 2014

Has anyone had good luck growing sunchokes in central OK? Want to try growing.

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Yep! Just started them in spring. They're over six foot tall.


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If you have gophers you may want to protect the bulbs with hardware cloth, they ate all of mine.

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I put blocks of wax based rat poison in coffee cans, on their sides, right at the base of the plants, when/if I observe problems with rodents.

Dorothy (Mulberryknob) and her husband Glenn tell me that they have grown them in mineral tubs, which I guess to be about 15 gal capacity. Their experience with this has been very good. I believe Glenn told me, at our last Green Country Seed Savers meeting, that they harvested something like 40 lb of roots from one of these tubs, and they don't have to worry about rodents.

Tahlequah, OK

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I wish I had grown mine in a tub because they are trying to take over my garden.

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I have an area if my yard I can let them take over, however that is a good points about rode to, as we have plenty of those. May just resort to putting them in my raised beds. Thanks all. Also do you have a favorite way to cook them?

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I mainly boil them. But it is very important to boil in two changes of water, in order to eliminate some of the starch which is so hard to digest. It causes flatulence. Boiling twice pulls a lot of the starch out. I've baked them, and they were delicious. But again, it's important first to boil twice. The first time I baked them, I didn't boil them first. They tasted so very good! But later I was wondering if gas could be terminal!

Here's another recipe, one which I have not yet tried. Bet it's good.

Tahlequah, OK

Here is a link that might be useful: pickled sunchokes

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We eat small amounts raw, in salads, all winter. Also stir fry small amounts with other vegetables. We haven't noticed the gassiness that George mentions.

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I do know that they get ahead of most gardeners...beware those things ;)
I once planted three, and I believe I harvested more like 3 5-gallon buckets off those three in first year.

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I planted them during last summer's drought....they grew really well until the grasshoppers found them....unfortunately, they didn't come back this summer.

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Flaulence? Good to know George. Will be one of the veggies I will not push on my husband. Lol.

Plant to try them next year.

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