brand new to growing hot peppers

ChefGuyFebruary 23, 2014

I'm in the process of germinating, Ghost, Scorpians and Reapers..after 10 days they are about 1" high is this normal?? And about how many peppers does each plant produce each season

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Yep. Normal. The superhots are slow growers. Patience will be tested. Depends on where you're located as to how many they'll produce. In colder climates, you'll get plenty with a good flush of them, maybe 2 flushes.

I have some going from last year that survived the little frost we had. I don't have #s, but after 4-5 flushes, I'd say close to 150-200 per plant. Hard to tell. All I know is between 10 plants, I was inundated with them. I only have 3 of them going now though.

Maybe Bruce(esox07) can pinpoint the #s better. he's in Wisconsin.

Might want to start them a bit earlier next year to maximize the growing season.


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Thanks.....all the help I can get, what about Epsom salts, I cannot find any that doesn't have scent in them

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Epsom Salts aren't necessary if you are fertilizing with a decent fertilizer. You should be able to find Epsom Salt at most stores - target, rite aid, even garden centers often have it - just call ahead to ensure the product is unscented.


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Wait till they get there 4th or 5th set of true leafs before you add anything to them besides water haha. Keep the soil moist if it looks dry. And if your wonder what true leafs are? They are leafs that come after the very first set. I think. Correct me if I'm wrong guys.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Correct, the cotyledons (seed-leaves) are the first leaf-like structures to pop out of the seed, and these are what feed the plant until the first pair of true leaves appear. Once the plant has its first leaves, it will require nutrients (just not as much because the plant is still so small). If your potting mix has nutrients in it then, no, you don't need to add anything. But if the mix is devoid of nutrients, then you should begin lightly fertilizing as soon as those first true leaves have formed.


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The production of a plant is contingent on the conditions it is growing in, give it optimal conditions and you will be rewarded generously.

Hot soil, minimal water, lots of sunlight and the right ferts at the right time would be a good start.

When I plant out I pinch every single bud off every plant and hit them with heavy nitrogen, after that I let them flower, three weeks from the heavy nitrogen fert I hit them hard with 5-53-5. and then I sit back and watch it happen.

It works very well for me.

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jutsFL(9b (Orlando))

PodPiper - hard to argue with those results! Hope mine end up with pods like that.

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If you use a "mix" like Josh said, most have small amounts of nutrients to get through seedling stage. Maybe a light dose or 2 of All-purpose or fish ferts prior to planting in the garden or final pot.

I wouldn't worry about epsom salts at this point at all. Mg is needed more at flowering than during growth stage. And even then, if you're planting in-ground, most soil has plenty of Mg in it. You really don't want to add it unless your plants show you need it. Even if your native soil doesn't have much and your soil is on the acidic side, you can always add dolomite lime for Ca and Mg. If on the alkaline side, then you would want epsom salts.

If you're planting in pots or in-ground, you need to check the ph of the soil or the mix. Again, if acidic and your water supply is acidic, you can add Dolomite lime.

I don't since my water is pretty alkaline. I, myself, add gypsum and a bit of bone meal for the Ca and epsom salts for the Mg for my potted plants.

The general rule is anything east of the Mississippi is acidic, west alkaline. Since most veggies like acidic(peppers 5.8-7.0 I think), I don't use ANY lime (in-ground or pots). Just a general rule -- always exceptions to any rule.

Need to at least check ph of soil, soil mix, and your water. That, or have a soil test done by a lab.

Walmart or any drugstore will have unscented epsom salts.


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rdback(Z6 VA)

Hey Dale, where do you get 5-53-5? Is there a specific brand you use? Not sure I've ever seen a 1-10-1 ratio before. But, then again, I haven't really looked. *smile*



P.S. Plants look awesome, as usual.

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As soon as I can rummage through the shed I will look for it and get back with you.

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