Will Canary island date palm survive in Dallas' winter?

vobgroMay 16, 2010

I've heard that CIDP is some what cold hardy, but last winter Dallas has some freezes and some moderate snow fall (to the point where you can build a snow man), I'm not sure if it would survive here.

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Im guessing that if they could survive there, then you would see them growing there. Protection would be required in order for it to have any chance of living.

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Not sure if a cidp would make it, but some other date palms might. Still its a very marginal family of palms to a zone 8 and the most cold tolerant of them is probably best suited for a zone 8b and up. But with protection I dont see why you cant try one!

Good luck!

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I consider CIDP to be 2nd only to coconuts in terms of beauty. If you succeed in keeping it alive in 8A, I wanna know about it.

Problem is that they are not truly beautiful until they are quite large.

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