Anti-Bermuda Edging

lucas_tx_gwJuly 17, 2011

I'm lucky enough to have little blue stem and buffalo grass make up a lot of areas in my lawn. However it a lot of other areas, there is enough Bermuda mixed in for it to be a real pain.

I'm continually taking over lawn areas for raised beds and/or beds at ground level.

So, I'm constantly thinking about edging to use and looking for the ideal scenario. This thinking is complicated by the fact that in many areas, the beds tend to expand each year so I'm somewhat reluctant to put in something permanent.

So, what are everyone's thoughts? Inexpensive, durable and easy to install would be nice. Ability to get below ground level to stop the underground running is pretty imperative.



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Nancy Fryhover

I use the roll galvanized flashing meant for roofing. You can get the 12-14" and put half in the ground and half above. I have used it at the bottom of some chainlink fence with great success.

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Sounds good. I guess you have to dig to put it in? It's not sturdy enough to pound it in like that green steel edging is it?

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Nancy Fryhover

Yes, you need to use a sharp square edging shovel. A little work but worth the results, I think.

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I think I might need a sledgehammer to pound it into my clay soil, unless it's pretty soggy to begin with. Not to mention contending with the existing roots. Being a western transplant, I have never seen roots like these grasses have. Incredible.


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