bismark palm problem

compostworm5(9)May 1, 2011

My problem has to do with the new shoots emerging. The palm has been in the ground for 3 years now in the same spot and left alone to do it's thing. I rarely check on it until recently I noticed the new shoots are dying. There is one that tried to open, but was only able to open looking like a burnt and stunted shoot. While it moved to the side, the new shoot coming out is still a closed shoot but already showing signs of problem. The tip of it looks burnt and almost appears to be rotting or decaying. I do have a drip system which I removed for the time being thinking excessive water might be the culprit. I live in Central Florida were dry season is still on. I know its the season for little or no rain, but its been 90s consistently and we are super dry. What seems to be the problem?

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Sounds like cold damage and or wet and cold/cool weather that caused a fungus to grow in the bud. I would mix up some copper and pour into to bud or you can try peroxide in the bud. Cold damage can show up several months after it occurs.Pull slightly on the center spear a see if it comes out.I had one do this and it recovered very quickly.

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