Queen Palm repotting, soil and depth?

drich30099May 13, 2010

HI, i think my post yesterday didn't work. I have sand, cheap potting soil and perlite, what would the ratio be for repotting my queen palms? They'll be going outside soon for the summer. Also, there are roots on top of the soil "reaching" up to the trunk,do I plant at the same depth they are now or cover up those roots?


And, should I fertilize right after repotting, lightly or just wait altogether?

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Sand can get a little heavy so I think that the perlite and soil are your best bet. I dont know what ratio you should put it in, but a majority of it should be soil because these palms dont really like to be very dry, but also want soil that drains pretty quickly.
Maybe you can cover the exposed roots with mulch which would lower your needs for watering it and also cover up the exposed roots from the hot sun. I would take it out as soon as the treat for frost has passed and given shade at first and then slowly accumulated to the sun. I would fertilize as soon as it goes outside because sometimes the leaves get damagedd by the sun so it will need to grow quickly to replace the leaves.

Good luck!

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