for my fellow constant tinkerers

rodnebridges(7b)February 13, 2013

i don't know if this an old psychological trick or not, but when I have the urge to mess with my plants when it would be detrimental to do so I have myself a spray bottle. Just a few spritzes on the leaves with plain water and I feel like I've done something ! I don't think it hurts anything anyway....

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Good idea. Maybe a spritz or two on ones self too.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Depends on how often you are spritzing, I suppose. Too much love is the leading cause of plant death, though. If I need to do something, anything, I will check whether they need water, maybe rotate the pots around so nothing starts leaning too much in one direction, or just look at the green and cheer them on "go go go!"

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....queue up the post about fungus gnats. ;-)

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I just grow other things that can be grown early in the season. In another 4 weeks or so I will be planting tons of radish seeds for a very quik spring crop. In zone 5b these radish can be planted in march! So I will wait for mid march. Last year I planted them mid march and had a great harvest of radish one month afer planting them! By then I still have to wait a whole month for pepper growing time!

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Get a greenhouse (or hoop house / row cover, etc.) & increase your growing season. :-)

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