Harber Freight chipper?

persimmonbob(6b)February 5, 2014

This electric chipper might be a decent chipper to further groung-up pine bark to a finer size for your container purposes.I like to know if anybody ever use one.It is interesting to find-out.It only cost $ 39.95 on sale.

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Wow that's a nice price..
I've been wanting to buy a chipper to do just that. The pine bark nuggets I get are huge chunks and its a lot of work breaking them all up for all my peppers.
If you buy it let me know how it works been shopping around for awhile.
Do you have a link for that chipper?

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I get sales flyer from them all the time.If they have it on sale it is usely for a month.
I never bought one because i don't know how long they last.

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flipback23(9 SF Bay)

I bought one to use and it didnt last a day. And we were only using it for small branches too like less than my skinny pinky finger thick branches. I buy from them all the time but even after returning it and getting the replacement it didnt last more than a couple uses so returned it as well. That was the only tool so far from them I have had complaints about.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Harbor Freight has done very well by me, though I have had to take back a few things. I say buy it and be sure you keep the receipt. If it doesn't work they'll take it back.


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It seems affordable prices. Can you suggest me store about where to we find out easily?

Here is a link that might be useful: freight forwarder services

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