Serrano and Jalapeno plants

atxmanFebruary 13, 2013

So, I checked out my garden yesterday and noticed that the bare sticks that used to be my serrano plants and jalapeno plants have sprouted leaves. One has a lot of foliage growing. It is odd because I was gonna yank them out of the ground and replace with new ones when Home Depot begins to sell them. I know that winter has been practically non-existent here, is there anything that I should do to ensure that they are not damaged by this week's cold weather? Does this mean that I may be 30 - 50 days away from peppers?


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Looking at the snowstorm outside, i just can't feel sympathetic with your problems :)))

Cover them with straw, or that fabric used to protect crops from frost, i don't know the english name. If they're small enough a plastic jug will do too.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Cool, I should think you'll get a good jump on the season if they make it. I think teyo is thinking of row cover, which comes in various degrees of frost protection. How cold is it supposed to get, maybe someone who knows a little more can tell you if you need to do anything if we know how cold your "cold weather" is. :)

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Yep, cover them with something. Tarp or blanket. The heat in the ground will keep them several degrees warmer than the outside air and it would prevent frost from forming on them if it gets that cold. Also, buckets of any type will work too as long as they are just sticks right now. Yep, you will likely be picking some ripe pods when a lot of us are just getting ours outside for the summer.

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