Growing from Seed- When to start fertilizing

skycopp(Maryland -7a)February 12, 2012

Need help from the experts here. I have about 15 different varieties of peppers under some grow lights (t5) that I started from seeds. Some have just barely poked thru, I have a few (that I planted earlier) that are already 3 inches tall.

These are all in 'seed starter' type of mix in plastic cups. At what point should I start fertilizing?

I have some Osmocote granules, but I just ordered the Dyna-gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 that seems to be popular with some folks on the 'Container Gardening' forum.

Thanks in advance!!!

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When I grow peppers, I usually let them grow at least 1 foot, to prevent the fertilizer burn the new born plant. I start fertilizing just before transplanting outside to prevent "too much" stress all at once.

Since the plant will only start yielding peppers until transplant, there is really not much point of fertilizing before.

Thats how I do it, and I bet others do it differently but has always worked for me. Ask away if u got more questions. :)

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I guess we all do it differently... I'd start fertilizing lightly when they were 2" or 3" tall, and re-fertilize lightly every 2-3 weeks.

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If I am using potting mixture without fertilizer I start with a half strength solution of orchid fert when the seedlings are up. After I transplant into the garden I fertliize lightly once with 6-6-6 or 10-10-10 about 3 weeks after they are in the ground. Be careful not to get the garden fert directly on the seedlings.
John A

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I start my seeds in a seed starter mix which appears to be basically nothing but peat with some grit mixed in. Can't be any useable nutrients in that stuff, so I mix up some dilute micronutrient fertilizer as soon as they sprout just so they have something to eat.

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It depends on whether your potting soil has nutrient or not. I usually use home made soil less mix that has no nutrient. In this case, I usually start with 1/4 strength feed once a couple sets of true leaves come up, and then ramp up as the plant gets larger.

Many premade soils have fertilizer in them that can sustain the plant until transplant. Make sure you understand what is in your soil.

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After the second set of true leaves I apply a starter fertilizer and continue to water with it every other time

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