Differences between the Naga Morisch and Naga Jolokia?

chucknorrFebruary 27, 2008

My question is, what is the difference between the Naga Morich and the Naga Jolokia? When you type in "Naga Morich" into Wikipedia it brings up a page describing the Naga Jolokia. Wikipedia states, "The Naga Jolokia (also known as Bhut Jolokia, Ghost Chili, Ghost Pepper, Naga Morich)". So, from this information I believe they are one in the same. Wikipedia is not the best source, so I explored further. I looked at the thechileman.org. On a page describing the Naga Morich it states "It [Naga Morich] is believed to be very closely related to its Indian cousin, the Bhut jolokia (Bih jolokia)". So, are the Naga jolokia and the Naga Morich one in the same? I am growing the Naga Morich this year, I don't underestimate the power/spice level of the Naga Morich. I just want to get the facts straight. It would be cool to say I have grown the hottest pepper in the world, I know the Naga Jolokia holds this claim, but I don't know where the Naga Morich lies.

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bjs33(NM 6)

Before the 'Bhut Jolokia' won the Guinness record there was a rumor going around about a pepper called the Naga Jolokia (aka Tezpur, Assam, PC-1) being a C. Frutescens at 855,000 SHU.

Seed companies started selling whatever they could sell with that name even though they didn't have a clue as to the proper variety.


Ecoseeds and Reimers as is evidenced in the above link both jumped on the bandwagon.

In truth, the PC-1, Assam, Tezpur/Naga Jolokia they and whoever else were selling or trading WAS NEVER THE PEPPER cited in the SHU results from India.

Many are selling or trading the PC-1 cayenne type pepper as a Naga/Bhut/Bih Jolokia million+ SHU pepper based on both bad information and fraud.
Ebay is overrun with fraud seed claiming to be the million plus variety but is actually the cayenne-type variety.

According to Frontal Agritech all the Naga/Bhuts are the same species just different names.

The real deal is a C. Chinense.

However some people think there are differences. I have grown seed marked Bhut, Naga and Dorset and they all grew close enough so that if I didn't have labels on the pots I wouldn't have known the difference. I have not grown anything labeled Bih yet but based on what I have read and grown so far I wouldn't expect a difference.

Here is a great link to a sometimes iffy source but the best thats available so far.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fiery Foods

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As stated above, Naga Jolokia or PC 1 is a C. frutescens and fairly hot

The others are all C. chinense and much hotter

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bjs33(NM 6)

fiedlermeister, was yellow the final ripe color of that Trinidad Scorpion? I have not seen one like that before.
If so how did the heat and taste compare between the red and yellow?

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Yes, the Trindad Scorpion-FG ( the initials of my source) stayed yellow. It was supposed to be the ordinary red and I do not know if it was the result of a cross or a mutation. It is hard to comment on taste with these exremely hot peppers because I am not able to detect much except the heat. I thought the 'FG' might have been the hottest of all of them but it's really hard to distinguish differences at that level. It's like here in Maine I can't distinguish between 10 below zero and 20 below zero.

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cmpman1974(Zone 6 MI)

I'm looking forward to seeing if the yellow one stablizes. Another grower in Italy grew an even wilder TS cross that ripened yellow. The original seeds were saved from typical TS red pods I grew. It shows the fun of this hobby. Maybe an orange one will be next. :)


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I've got some seeds sprouted of Fieldmeisters Trinidad Scorpion FG.
I'll let you know if they come out Yellow.

I have some Orange habanero seeds that came from 2 or 3 pods someone gave me.
The pods looked like normal orange habs but every time I grow a couple seeds the plants come out with pods that either look like Orange Habs,the barrel shaped Habs,Scotch Bonnets or Trinidad Scorpions.
The color also varies from orange to mustard to peach in different plants.
The guy who gave them to me said none of these plants(no Peppers,sweet or hot) were in his garden.
He only had the one Hab. growing with weeds(lettuce,beans and such).He was given the seeds and just grew the plant to see how it would do.
He didn't know what a Trinidad Scorpion was.
The only thing I can think of is it might have been some kind of hybrid and the other crosses to get the hybrid are comming out in certain seeds in different ways or something.
Maybe a bee carried pollon from somewhere else,I don't know.
I like putting a few of those seeds in every year just to see what comes up.
I've got a couple plants that are 3 inches tall growing right now.

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I will be waiting to hear how this works out with both of you. I have a least 10 'Not' something in my inventory--peppers that turned out ,for one reason or another, not to be as named. Sometimes I don't know if they are crosses, mutations, or simply mislabeled. Some day I hope to have the sppace to grow them all put for comparrison.


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Thanks, fiedlermeister and bjs33

The information that you all provided was great. I am coming to the realization that this is a big topic that I might never get to the bottom of. After reading bjs33 provided links I felt that these peppers, Naga Jolokia Naga Morich, Bih Jolokia..., were all the same. After looking at fieldlermeister's great pictures, it is clear that they are not the same pepper by their physical apperaence.

I am growing the Naga Morich, bought from peppermania.com. This is a capsicum Chinense (or so they claim) It is odd as they do spell the name Naga Morrich. Is peppermania a quality company?

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Peppermania is run by a good person and she has a good reputation. I have also noticed the different spellings at different places on the web and don't know which is correct

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Naga Morich is correct name take look at

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