Tulsa: New All-Time Highest Minimum Temperature Record

Okiedawn OK Zone 7July 30, 2012

You folks in Tulsa didn't cool off much over night, did you?

The Oklahoman's website is reporting your low temp since midnight is 88 degrees. If today's temp doesn't fall below 88 before midnight, you'll have a new all-time highest ever minimum temperature.

The last time you recorded a new all-time high? Way back in good old 2011.

I cannot believe y'all didn't cool off more than that, and you have my sympathy. The only thing that makes this hear bearable is that the early morning hours are cool, and y'all are being denied that one small pleasure.


Here is a link that might be useful: Story From Bryan Painter's Weather Blog

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It was still 88 here in Edmond at 4:30 am. Don't know if it cooled off after that. I was too disgusted to keep track.

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