My 6-Pack Update

Erod1July 6, 2011

Ok, so its been hotter than hades and I thought I would never get any fruit but.... I have FIVE tomatoes. I can't believe it. Really I can't believe I am this excited over 5 tomatoes!

Here's the breakdown:

Brandywine-- 1 tomato, golfball Size, lots of blooms

Cherokee Purple-- 2 tomatoes, 1 golfball, 1 tennisball, lots of blooms with a few baby tomatoes where blooms have just fallen away to reveal that little green dot..

Boxcar Willie, 1 golfball sized, loaded with blooms

Black Krim-- 1 tennis ball sized, loaded with the biggest blooms I have ever seen and a few of the tiny baby tomatoes

Super Fantastic, no fruit, not even a baby but still loaded with blooms

Caspian Pink, no fruit, no babies, and has badly curled leaves from heat stress for a long time now

I am just going to keep watering and hoping for the best. I'm not giving up. The plants are about 4.5 feet tall, nice and green and healthy(except that Caspian..). At least I know I will have 5 tomatoes. 4 for me and 1 for my husband, if he's lucky..

So, don't give up you guys!!


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It is a strange year, isn't it? On my cabinet I have a stack of yard long beans, three overground cucumbers, several (undergrown) tomatoes, and a dozen peppers. LOL I guess the tomatoes aren't undergrown, but they are just all little tomatoes like Sungold, Santorini, Cluster Goliath, Tess's Land Race, etc. I haven't yet had one slicer.

I have some large tomatoes in the garden, but not a lot. The vines are covered with blooms and have been for weeks but just don't seem to set much fruit. I know I planted a lot of small tomatoes, but there's got to be some big ones out there also. LOL Some of my vines already seem to be weakening and they haven't yet done their work.

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