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magnolia_lee(8)March 5, 2013

I was moving some pots around that have been sitting out all winter and after lifting one (with a plant in it) off of an upturned pot, I found these worms underneath. They are writhing around in the water collected there and when I moved one out of the water, it quickly scooted back to the water.

They are between an inch and inch and a half long. My initial searches online made me think maybe they are pot worms, but the info I've found led me to think maybe they're a little big for pot worms. The pot with the plant that I lifted off the top does not have holes in the bottom, so I don't believe that they came out of the dirt in that pot.

Any thoughts on what it might be? Is it something I should be concerned about? This is a new house to us, so I'm just getting into cleaning up a garden area and thinking about soil amendment.

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Hmm, I don't know. Could be Potworms (Enchytraeidae), often called "White Worms". Potworms are beneficial and feed on decaying organic matter. Some worm growers culture them and sell them for fish food. They require very moist environments and will die quickly if they get dry. Just a guess on my part however.


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