Scale-Like Egg Sacs?

reptilegardener777March 29, 2014

Hello, Everybody,

I received some "Fishnet Stockings" Coleus, but they have a lot of scale-like growths. Here is a picture of something that looks very similar to what I have:

When I remove them, they either a) pop and ooze some kind of slime, or b) come off nicely but are filled with a white dust-like material. With regard to the latter, they seem to serve as egg sacks from which emerge small white bugs (my camera can't pick them up with good detail, they're so small). Also, there are many small whitish-yellow insects resembling green peach aphids.

However, I know that scales themselves are insects, so I am wondering if it is possible that I have a combination of scales in combination with aphids? (I assume this, given the vesicles' different removal reactions).

One more possible piece of helpful information is that the plants are potted in "EcoScraps" soil, which is said to be almost completely made up of composted fruits and vegetables. Is it possible that some pest eggs are in the soil, as hitch-hikers on the produce that helps form it?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Please post your own images even though the dust-like stuff is too small.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would return .. or demand a refund ... for stock that was sent.. infested with critters ..

and i would never use that source again ...

and i would throw them out.. not being interested in doubling or tripling my cost.. thru buying more remedies ..

sounds like scale ... ones dead from winter.. the question is.. where did the crawlers go ... momma is usually dead in spring.. and eggs under her dead carcass ... hatch ... you might spend some time learning the life cycle ... so as to better define what remedy is needed ...

but i would still throw them away.. and give the seller a piece of my mind ... [if they refused refund]


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