what type of soil

mandevillalover(2)January 3, 2009

hi there i want to transplant my plumeria but i'm wondering what is the best kind of soil to use? and i know i shouldn't repot till spring, also whts the best fertilzer should i be using that will help to produce inflo's. thank you.

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I am SURE that you are going to get all kinds of answers and opinions on this one, especially with the fertilizer question..lol
But I am also sure that all of us will agree on this one thing, plant them in a well fast draining soil. Root rot is the death of all plumerias. What ever soil you decide to go with whether it be Al's mix, or potting soil, or even compost, you need to make sure you add particles to that soil that will cause it to be well draining and allow air to the roots without compacting over time. Extra perlite can be one of these particles. There are many others.
As for fertilzers, I personally use a slow release such as "Dynamite" and a well balanced one with minerals and minors such as "Foiliage Pro" from Dynagrow per instructions from a Plumeria Expert who has been growing them in Florida for over 25 years.
I do not use a high middle number one, although many will say you should. Read Al's post on fertilizers, it is very imformative.
In the end, if you want lots of inflo's and lots of growth, LOTS of SUN and HEAT is the key with the help of fast draining soil and an even balanced fertilizer.:-)

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Just some comments on your post: First my Bio; I have been in the "Green Industry" in Southern California for over fifty years and continue active as a consultant to the industry and owner of a Plumeria Nursery. Our nursery is a Gro More Fertilizer Research Farm. And this is my fortieth year growing plumeria.

With that said this is my response; I agree in principle with some of your comments. How ever I would urge caution in several areas. One must consider where he lives his particular environment and the proven horticulture techniques applied to the target crop i.e. plumeria. When taking soil advise I would take it from someone who is a expert in the field of plumeria not from some generalized all around mix from a person that most likely has never been active cultivating plumeria. Not long ago we had a discussion on this forum about soil mixes. And the two main mixes discussed were cactus mix and a suggested soil mix we have used and tested successfully on thousands of plumeria, pachypodium, and adenium and euphorbia milii. You could search the data base for the info. I am familiar with Dyna-Grow products as we are a dealer for their product line. We fully tested "Foliage Pro" having used a fifteen gallon drum completely and totally agree it is a good product and works well with plumeria. In addition, their are many topical products out there that work as well such as Spray N Grow. I find myself disagreeing with the Dynamite suggestion from my old bud in Florida. And here is why; A grower that is serious about growing plumeria does first consider the elements he is growing in, climate etc. Luke grows in Florida and I seriously doubt most on this and other forums have the same climate he grows in which is mostly stable or grow in a greenhouse with a controlled climate. A pelletized slow release fertilizer is dependent and controlled by its environment i.e. rainfall, irrigation, soil temps etc. At NO time does the grower have control over the parts per million (ppm's) of the elements given to the plant. So it becomes a guessing game each season as to what was offered to the plant or what was the "guessed" actual uptake. (There Is a big difference between offered and actual uptake!) However using a liquid feed and without horticulture skills one can easily determine their feeding regimen. I say this as there are many fertilizer calculators available on the internet. We are a research farm therefor we must know what ppms we are giving when we feed either leaf, foliar or irrigation in the container. In addition, we send leaf and stem samples to the lab for confirmation of various feeding programs. It goes back to what ever works for you that is the bottom line for YOU. We use a continuous feed i.e. fertigation system that is constantly checked by a Myron AG-5 meter. Every tank of spray is also calculated and tested.

The best part of your post and I commend you for this is about the N-P-K choice of fertilizer. A high middle number fertilizer is garbage from any manufacture. We use 15-5-15 and a 10-5-30 for general feeding. Both have a high calcium and mag content. This is what works for us. I posted recently on several forums photo results from our testing for increasing the blooming cycle. We now have doubled our flower production on a seasonal basis, including stems that were pruned in spring flowering in July,August, September and October.

Do your research, never depend on one solution unless YOU have thoroughly tried and proven it.


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Hi kimidad,
Thanks alot for your response and suggestions and cautionary words...:-)

"When taking soil advise I would take it from someone who is a expert in the field of plumeria not from some generalized all around mix from a person that most likely has never been active cultivating plumeria."

As stated above,I did say "per instructions from a plumeria expert with over 25 years of experience".

I also got these suggestions from some of the smartest people on this forum from months of reading, and trial and error. Some scientist, some Bonsia experts, some horticulturists, some Botanists, plant educators, and from common friends here who have failed and suceeded.
I have also seen people on the forum with many years of experience all suggesting that plumeria do love a well draining soil, even in Florida, where a many of my friends living there have killed theirs with poor "non draining soil".
As for the fertilizer, I wasn't suggesting what everyone should use what I use, I was mearly saying what works for me and what I was told to use from plumeria "experts", that are in Florida, who sent me the healthiest ones I ever saw.
I may not have a "BIO" in the green industry, but I think that my sucess in my growing plumeria whether here, or in Florida at my friends home, or the the Carribeans at my other home has been much attributed to my sucess at growing plumeria from scientific people here like you, along with the common person here who loves to share their sucessful experience's with this target plant..."plumeria".
I wish I had the money to research as some people do, or be had an oppurtunity to do what you do, but you know what, it is people like you that care enough to come here and help members like us see things from a different perspective. To be sucessful at growing ALL my now healthy plants...
Thanks alot...
I find your post something to think about while at the same time I wish you would reread mine and see whom I have givin all the credit too. People who are willing to share their wealth of information with us such as you and others.
Thanks again kimisdad.
Maybe you can e-mail the exact fertilizer you do use, how to use it, and where to get it, if it is something that is going to be better than what I am already using. I would give it a try on one of my plumies and compare them in the spring. I would find it enjoyable.
Did you say..." Gro More fertilizer"? I have heard of this product from where I can't remember and heard it was good.
Oh wait, from Logee's I think, and they even sell it I think. I will have to call if this is what you suggested.
Take care and I hope to hear from you again. In the mean time, I hope members here are not hestitant to hop on this thread, not feel intimidated, and be brave enough to share what might help mandevillalover,
We are all hear to help and have fun with our plumies!!

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One other thought I had...Where are people like you when you need them outside this forum?
They are certainly not at my local greenhouse.
Do you have any idea how many professionals I have called ,and no one was willing to share their wealth of info for free. Sucessful growers whom see hesitate to share their sucess. Therefore the reason why I turned here.
I couldn't even get a plumeria grower in Hawaii to tell me what she feeds her plumies in whom I bought several from. All she told me was to plants in a fast draining soil and use any fertilizer with a high middle number. Opposite what the plumeria people in Florida told me.
I am greatful for this forum and for YOU taking the time to reach out.
Please e-mail me with more info and the product you have been sucessful with ok. Keep in touch.:-)

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drewcarb(8B SFV Los Angeles)


If you could, please post the product you use on here to benefit many of us.

Could anyone let me know if I should feed my plumerias now while dormant, or approaching dormancy?


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Hi Andy,

This is a touchy subject for us as no advertising allowed on this forum. Contact me offline please.



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Hi Andy,
not to go against Jacks information..says on the board, no fertilizer until spring.. Let them go dormant now, depends on your area, I am still watering lightly ea month, mine are outside, coverd in ice cloth.....then spring, wake them up to grow..and then we can all hear what fertilizer is recommeded for OUR area, make our own decisions what works best for our plants....Other areas are asleep in correct areas for the cold east temps..

ok Jack???
Karen B

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Hey Karen B,

You give good advice! We do the same except during a study. It is interesting to see as the years go bye how unpredictable plumeria are. This year we continue to have many leaves and flowers hanging on when they should have all been gone. There are biological answers to this however it blows my mind every time this happens. Watch those valley frost men Karen LOL.


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Happy New Year, hope all is well with you and your family.

I've been curious about these leaves that continue to hang on even though it's obvious the plant isn't putting out any new growth or leaves. Are the leaves doing the plant any good?

All our potted plants are under cover of one form or another at this time. Some plants leaves look great even though the plant is dormant. Other plants leaves look terrible. ALL the leaves are very dusty and dirty.

Now, here comes the question. I spent the day yesterday removing the remaining leaves from the potted plants and cleaning the branches with H202. In your opinion,was this helpful? harmful? or just a big waste of my time?

TIA for your advice and give Bev and the kids a big hug and a kiss from Carole and me.


p.s. I still can't believe you're 86 years old.

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Hi Jack,
Trying to keep my plants alive in the 30's.. have taken 4 out of the ground, and put in pots under cover of heavy ice cloth on my patio for warmth.... so far doing ok.. two have frozen black leaves, hope did not do damage to the plants.

toooo cold for plumies. Plumie prayers for all in the San Fernando Valley..in 30's again.
Karen B

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Hi Karen B,
some informations about protection of plumerias (and any other plant) at low temperature :

1.Fertilize your plants with a fertilizer with high number of K (Potassium).
I seen a lot of articles about that ( http://www.living-learning.com/faq/npk.htm) make a searxh at google about K.
2.Put each pot in a biger pot adding in the free space between the pots and on the soil perlite or straw and compact.
3. Cover every pot around-up (soil) and on down side with the naylon for fragile glasses (with the air balls) and fasten.
4. Put the covered pots on pieces of wood, not direct to concrete
5.If you have another ice cloth or a blanket cover also the pots.
6. Put the pots under a shelter to protect them from rains and snow on them.
7. If you have your pots a little far away from your house, put around the pots fresh manure, fresh manure produce heat for a month and more.

If you protect the roots from freezing you will solve the plant from freezing.

For plumerias in the ground take an idea on the following picture, how they protect Bananas trees.

from Athens-Greece

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Great thread, lots of good info.

I use Dyna Gro as the sole fertilizer for my container plants. The 9-3-6 NPK ratio is ideal IMO. Flowering plants do not need huge amounts of P, contrary to popular belief (glad to see others here agree!). In fact, in can inhibit the uptake of other nutrients.

And I like Al's Mix for all my container plants. Never had any root rot using it and it lasts easily one full year.

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Hi John,
How nice of you to print all this information, most appreciated. First my plants do have some potassium.. I stopped feeding in September, will not feed until it hits warmth and spring, April or may. I do have my plants on a covered patio, close to my house with a heavy ice cloth, and tarps over that. Tonight in the 30's cold night temps for all of us in the San Fernando valley or surrounding areas..Where I live, I do not get snow, but getting frost. Not like back East where its very very cold.. some plumeria handle the cold..some not.

Ha ha fresh manure.. welll that may be a problem.. ha ha Lot of my neighbors do grow bananna trees.. they are looking really bad.. Huge.. 10 ft height.. many tropicals not doing to well. so far I am ok.

how is everyone doing in all these cold temps.

Karen B.

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It has taken this long to except the reality that you posted that photo of me. At first I thought it was some old homeless guy however my wife was looking over my shoulder this A.M as I was wondering who this was and commented how old and ugly I was getting. Now that the image is clarified I must say I do look good for what ever age I am cause I don't remember. Although when someone looks the way I do your credibility is immediately and always in question and, that is no joke. All seriousness aside thanks for the new years wishes, it will be another tough year due to my rather complicated health issues that just reared their ugly head ( uglier than mine). Tell Carol she is a angel for staying by you for so long under such adverse circumstance to numerous to mention. It is good to see you are finally keeping the doomsday clock away from those innocent plumeria you growing. They are as patient as Job. I hope all this revealing of your questionable ways doesn't prevent me from being invited to your next swaray (eh hem rather)soiree. Till then please keep those trees alive till spring.


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I hope whatever issues in health you are struggling with, that they subside and you get to be as happy and healthy as you can be.
You are a valuable member here with your knowledge, and we want to see you stick around for a many years to come, no matter what you might look like of course....:-)
My ugliest shaped plumie is the only one that put out flowers for me..lololol
Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I once met a homeless guy that showed me how to care for those I love since he lost everyone in his family. So you look pretty good to me!!:-)... I can only hope I even make it to 70 and still have the strentgh to help others as you have been doing! You even know how to use a computer! Most guys I know your age have never used one at all! They are still living in the dark ages,,lol
Take car and please, stay healthy!!:-)

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