Plumeria relative (?) pic

karyn1(7a)January 27, 2012

Hopefully someone will be able to ID this with a photo. I don't know what the blooms look like but except for the pods (cigar shaped) and seeds (a smaller "wing") the tree looks pretty much identical to a plumeria. This tree is about 25' tall. Are there plumies that have thin seed pods? There were regular plumerias growing all over the island (Grand Cayman) but none had seed pods so I assume the plant in question blooms at a different time of year?? I was surprised to see plumeris planted in the cemetaries. I thought that was only done in Hawaii.

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Karyn, it sure looks like a Plumeria to me - check out frangipani stenophylla - I think that's it.

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The pods certainly look right and the foliage is kind of narrow. Thanks

Surprisingly I was able to sneak a bunch of seeds home. I was going to mail them Fed Ex but the least expensive box was $69 so I decided to take my chances. I had about 40 varieties of seed wrapped in little foil packets in my suitcase and am shocked that they weren't seized by customs because it really looks like I'm smuggling drugs. lol If they had been confiscated I was just going to play stupid. They didn't get the Cuban cigar boxes either.

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Good for you! Now we will all look forward to pictures of all the plant stuff you brought home!

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Nice plant, definitely a plumeria, but not any of the common species. Obtusa, Rubra, and pudica are the only ones that I have seen for myself!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Karyn,

Glad you had a wonderful time in the Caymans!!!

Quite a beautiful tree!

Hopefully someone can identify this one for you..

I had to chuckle at all of your "foil" packs!! I would be the one that they stopped!! LOL..

Keep those "Cubans" in a safe place!!!

Sounds like you had a blast!!!

Nice to see you!!

Take care,


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I think the triggers were not there for an enhanced inspection of your bags. Something of a trivial note to add; in parts of SE Asia the Plumeria is associated with temple grounds and cemetaries as well.

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