Will my Queen palm make it???

islandbreezeMay 22, 2010

I have a queen palm that I kept indoors the whole winter, including pot, it measured at least 9 feet tall with about 3-4 feet of trunk. All the fronds dried up I believe because of hot dry air while furnace was running. I have it outside, and we've had a couple 80 degree days and several 70 degree days so far. The spear is partially green, but hasn't moved at all yet. I know it was not overwatered or exposed to cold. My smaller queen is already growing. Is it a goner or does it just need more heat? We've had plenty of rain.

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As long as the spear is green, it should make it.--Give it some more time. I love queens but they are not the best for wintering indoors. I have three big ones that I overwinter in a big, bright garage that is cold but frost-free in the January and February.

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If you tug firmly on the spear and it stays put, it's still alive. If the palm is dead, the spear will pull right out with a sickening feeling of dead material.

Sounds like it'll make it - but it's going to be in the ICU for a while. Lots of water (when warm, and drained well), heat, and light.

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