Is my fan palm dead

lascapaMay 4, 2014

Hello. I have a Mediterranean Fan Palm thats been in the ground for 3 years. Last winter we had a rough winter, some 5 degree nights. The main stalk in the center is about 18 inches tall. It is rotted about a third of the way down in the center. The four shoots coming out from the bottom still have some green. Do you think I can cut the main stalk off right below where it is rotted? And will the rest survive. Thanks.

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k4idx(7 -GA)

Hey there, I am in Habersham County in NE GA and also have a med fan palm. Mine Ina's been in the ground about 5 years and totally defoliated after we hit 3 degrees this winter, HOWEVER, I now have three new fronds pushing out of the main trunk that is about 36" tall. Best advice I can give is give it some time and slowly introduce some some nutrients into the soil. I always use fish fertilizer and then after a month I use palm spikes. I have 9 palms and only had spear pull on one Trachy I've been nursing since the day I bought it. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. I also have two Trachy's about 10 feet tall. They took a bit of a beating but are doing good.

The fan palm had spear pull, every thing pulled out of the center, along with some bugs and smelled bad. There is now a hole in the center about a third of the way down. Do you think it will come back? I did pour some peroxide down the center. Or could I cut the main stalk back?

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Here is a pic after I trimmed it.

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k4idx(7 -GA)

Oh wow, if you pulled and have the larvae and that fermented smell then I hate to say it, but you've almost certainly lost that main trunk. You can try some peroxide or copper fungicide once it dries out, but I think your odds are quite poor. I'm no expert, but based on my experience that's all I got...good luck :)

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At least it looks like the suckers growing from the base will live, so the palm isn't lost. Talking about losing Windmill and Med. fan palms in GA, wow this past winter was cold! I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

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Thanks for the replies. Do you think I should cut the main trunk back below the rotted part? I already put some peroxide in there. Thanks.

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I'm no expert on palms, just plants but whenever there is rot, it should be removed.


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Thanks, I cut the top part off. We'll see how it does.

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