spear loss in Christmas palms (Adonidia)

subtropixMay 4, 2010

Anyone have success having a Christmas palm recover from center spear loss. It is part of a multiple planting--when I purchased it, I did not realize that the center was damaged. I Pulled on it and it pulled out (the other palms of the cluster seem fine). I Sprinkled some copper sulfate in the cavity to ward off further decay.

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no experience with that species (too cold here in Southern Cal), but I have had a number of palms lose their spears... I just treat the dark, damp hole frequently with an antifungal (copper sulfate might work well, but I cant get my hands on that stuff- I just use Home Depot Daconil) and wait. Do NOT let any water, other than rain water get in the hole while you are waiting, though (so careful while watering and watch your sprinklers). Crownshafted palms like yours are far less likely to come back after losing a spike, but it happens now and then. Don't give up yet.

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What exactly is a crownshafted palm. Heard the term but not sure how it's used. I have had recovery of spears among the following palms: Majesty, Washingtonia, and Phoenix date. Thanks for the tips.

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Here's a link

Here is a link that might be useful: Crownshaft

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those three you listed are not crownshafted palms. That link is a good one to explain what it is- basically a long, smooth leaf base that surrounds the palm protecting the new leaves and flowers that are forming within. There are no fan palms with crown shafts, but most pinnate palms have one (Queens, Phoenix, Butias, Majesties etc. are exceptions).

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Basically the crown shaft ones are all the beautiful ones! I believe all crownshaft palms also bloom (or fruit) below the crown shaft instead of directly below or in between the fronds. I agree, crownshaft palms are less likely to recover from spear pull, but no one said they absolutely couldnt.

Good luck, I hope it makes it!

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