Greenhouse cooling?

ardmoronJuly 29, 2013

I'm just getting my first greenhouse going, and using white greenhouse film that blocks 55% to help with the heat. I'm going to put my cement blocks on their side with screen over the holes to keep the bugs out as bottom ventilation. I also went with a wooden knee wall type setup with white paint to reflect a lot of the heat. I've taken my infrared thermometer out and tested that this solution indeed works very well. The air temp over the white paint is 114F right now while the air temp by my fence is 176F.

I plan on using shade cloth if necessary too, but I've read that the film I am using works better than almost all shade cloth.

For cooling I am trying to find a used aquafog machine, but haven't had great luck there. If I am successful with my small greenhouse I plan on expanding out with a larger hoop house. I'm already pretty heavily invested into my backyard vertical vegetable garden plans, so I hope I can figure out the cooling issues.

I am going for hydro / aquaponics and will be using a water reservoir that should act as a thermal mass to keep the temperatures more consistent as well. I have been freezing sealed bottles of water to drop in during the hot days to keep my water well oxygenated and the plants cooler.

Do any of you use evaporative cooling systems? How do they work out for you?

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From the side. Also is there an easier way to show a set of pictures on here? I am planning on documenting all of my progress so that others can benefit.

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Best way to post a series of pics is to host in another account, like Flickr or Photobucket, then use the "share via HTML" code from that account and cut and paste into the body of your Garden Web post. You can preview your message to make sure all the pics look how you want and go in and edit and preview again if they look funky.

The Image Upload in Garden Web is a relatively new feature and will only allow one pic at a time. It works but is slow going.

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