Needle palms-- full sun or part shade?

subtropixMay 26, 2012

I have a cluster of Needle palms in a very sunny exposure. The color is just not as green as when I put them in last year. I am thinking of moving them to part shade and putting a cluster of Sabal Louisiana and minors in its place. Would the Sabals do better than Needles in full, hot sun?

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They're both naturally understory palms, loving wetland forest edges. I have all my needles and minors in areas where they get partial or filtered sun. I've heard others say that their needles get burned in full WINTER sun, when its especially cold. I think the winter filtered light helps. It's a tough call, I think farther south where winters are milder, either could go in full sun and do well. I also believe any kind of transplant sets them back. They might perform best where they are.

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Thanks wetsuiter. Makes sense not to move the Needle if the Sabals I mentioned are also part sun loving. In a few years it will get shadier in te front anyway as their is a hedge of crape myrtles developing around the planting area withe the needles toward the center. Saved me some work too. To ht and humid to work outside anyway but I guess mst of e palms love it.

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Some of my needles and sabal minors are under a trio of big crape myrtles, so sounds familiar. I've always heard that the needles can "bronze" in full winter sun, especially during a cold snap. Sun in the winter isn't necessary a good thing to tender plants.

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Mine love full sun. They are green and grow fast in those conditions.

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I have 6 Needles going. The two best specimens, that is the two that have really taken off and have that sunburst shape, are the ones that get sun and shade in equal doses or a lot of dappled shade. The others are either in lots of shade or full sun. They do ok but not like those other two.

Of course, this is hardly conclusive and other results may vary.

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They seem to do well in sun or shade. They grow faster in the sun, but prefer shade during the winter. I think that evening sun and morning shade would be best if possible.

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I have most of my needles on my west side of my house, so they get late afternoon sun, Alex. On a positive note one of my ne edles that gets mire sun is producing three inflo "pods". Let's hear it for $19 blue pots at Home Depot (plus 10% military discount)!

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