Inexpensive queen alert

trishmick(z7NJ)May 16, 2012

Went yesterday to a nursery I like for my annuals. Great selection at $8.99 for a flat of 48. Not bad at all me thinks. Anyway, noticed out front some very large queens. Price tag said $19.95. Thought it might be a mistake, but no, others nearby quoted the same amount. Chose 3 flats of flowers and took a walk over to their tropical greenhouse. Dozens of these large queen palms, all I'd say somewhere between 8 to 10 ft. in height and very healthy looking for 20 bucks. Now, I got a smaller queen from this nursery last year, so I didn't grab 1, but...rethinking it now. I will probably go back for a flat of coleus, so, I think I'll be adding to the collection. Truoble is, the plant won't fit into my car without opening a window. Funny thing...much smaller majesties all over too for $16.95. Go figure... Anyone in the area who's interested might want to check them out. North side of Rt. 34 in Holmdel across the road from another much larger nursery, also with a huge selection of tropicals.

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8.99 for a flat is also a great deal I paid 15.99 for a flat

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Wow, thats a great deal. I'm a bit out of the way from there so I think the gas to get there would definitely take away whatever I save in plants, but sounds like an awesome deal for anyone passing by the area! I got a nice philodendron xandu locally for 25 dollars, I was expecting it to be more like 50 dollars so I think it was the best deal I got so far this season.
I'm constantly looking for deals. I still have not bought many annuals yet because Im waiting for the sales if there ever are any!

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Yeah, it's a great nursery. One across the road offers 48ct flats for $8.99 too. In fact, there are lots of nurseries along this stretch of highway. Not real close to me either. Northwestern part of the county and I'm in the southeastern area at the beach...but worth the drive considering prices and selection.

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Went back to this place yesterday to fill out my flower beds. Got a flat of begonias, then hit the tropy greenhouse. Couldn't hold back...bought a beautiful Queen palm for $19.95. Got home, removed a dogwood that had never really done much (didn't really even flower this year) and replaced that spot with the palm in its pot. Was very tempted to purchase a 12 gallon Spindle I saw in great condition for $25, but I think the wife would've gone ballistic. Today, I just got back from an errand, and was near a normally very expensive nursery advertising flats for $7, so picked up some petunias. If you need to fill in those flower beds, now's the time to seek out the deals...

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Do they still have 12 gallon spindles for 25? Ill go out there to get it because a local nursery here was offering ~10? gallin spindles for 90

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Only saw the one, and am now regretting not buying it. The Bottle palm I bought in Florida is a third the size and that was $15. They are also selling lots of 12 gal. Queens for $40.

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Could you give me their phone number so I dont take the trip for nothing

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Hey i got the spindle palm today. Surprisingly only a 30 minute drive, but I had to pay the toll over the bridge. It wasnt 12 gallon it was 5 but still a great deal. They had some queens in the green house that were 10 feet and also 19.99. I checked out the nurserey acroos the street also. Betwwen the two maple leaf had much better prices (small windmills were only 14.99), but the other one had a much better selection of tropicals and palms. They had coconuts, queen, foxtail, christmas, robelini, needle, pindo, windmill sabla, and even a bizmakia and a coccothrinax. But all were expensive and the only deals I would consider good were the annuals and healthy canna australia, ensete maurielli, and some musa which were 15 each. If I ever need another windmill i would definetly go to maple leaf. Next year ill get my annuals here because the prices were great.

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Excellent. Thought the tag on that plant said 12 gal. Didn't look close at the pot, just noticed how nice and big it was for the price. I've purchased my annuals here for the last 3 yrs. and have never been disappointed. The place has had some bad online reviews in the past...can't imagine why based on my experience. One of those $20 Queens is now the center point in a mostly shady flower bed. Looks great near my tiki bar. Next year, go earlier in the season. Better selection.

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And here I thought you were the "wife", Trish. I guess you're, "Mick".


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