growth explosion, what a diff 60 hours can mak

andyandy(6bMI)May 31, 2011

I hope everyone had a great Memorial day weekend. Mine started out when I got home Friday and it was cloudy and 49 out. 60 hours later it was sunny and 89 yesterday. 71 was the LOW last night and we are headed to about 93 today. I think my coconuts put up about 2-3 inches of growth yesterday. My Pacific tall had a new spear pushing up and by the end of the day you could not see it anymore because the emerging full grown Frond grew so fast that it covered the new spear. It is not going to stay THIS hot but with loads of sun and a 10 day forecast of 94 80 75 82 85 80 77 76 79 78 all of my palms should be well on their way. The spears on my bottle palms started to open up in the heat (and humidity) yesterday. I can't wait to get home and see how much more growth has come up today.

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Anytime we get north(so to say)of 70(F) the s*** starts
blow'n up big time!
Whether that means over 70 for lows or just the mean
temp being 70 or better the diff is spectacular!

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Everything is growing really quickly here too! Looks like our second day in the 90s will be tomorrow. Im really hoping that the banana plants pick up in their growth because my ice cream banana has not moved in 3 days and temperatures have been very warm.
My Dioon Spinulosum is making a beautiful flush (looks like 5 fronds at the very least, hopefully even more than that!). The flush should be very noticeable by Friday (right now you can see it emerging from the caudex. My plumerias are also growing like crazy and so is my Sabal Minor, Oleanders, windmill palms, and Mandevillea.
My papaya is starting to push some new leaves up too!
Im hoping the weather stays nice and hot so my plants can start really looking nice!

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Bananas can seem to sulk a little but a lot
of times the roots are doing all kinds of good
stuff we can't see!

Both my(presumably)Orinoco have not exactly lit it up
this year up top yet but there are already shoots showing up
so you know they are working on there own business.

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