Any tips for applying Copper fung. to palms.

golfer1512May 4, 2010

I'm a newbie, the garden store guy just told me to read the instructions! I didn't see Xmas palm on the list. Is 2 teaspoon per gallon correct. Do I spray light or heavy so it runs down frons. The center is brown should I soak it, how often to apply, Etc.

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stevea07(7 AL)

What is the name of the product and what is the % of copper sulfate?

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Southern Ag, 31% copper ammonium complex,contains .784 lbs copper lbs per gallon. I think the real name for palm is Adonidia Merrillii. I was sold magnesium also, same company 16% mg and told to put 1 lb for a ten foot palm. Is that correct? How often do you advise Mg to apply and time of year. What else can I do to get nurse it back to good health. Thanks

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Never give a palm magnesium by itself or you could end up with a worse problem than what you have. Give your palm a palm fertilizer if you can find one or use a fertilizer with magnesium, manganese, potassium, nitrogen etc. One element at a time cam cause a imbalance.

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What is your reason for wanting to apply this?
Is the center spear looking dead?

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The reason to apply was the guys at the garden supply that sold palms said to use it. They were not much help and sold me Mg to put on. It had frost in Jan.

I checked the center it is brown and and I gently pulled it started to come out and I saw very tiny white worms. The fronds in the center look rotted. It had two small green fronds to the side of center but not growing.

It is a double palm and the other trunks fronds are growing fine. Do you think it is dead or how to save.

I put Miracle Gro liquid on twice in the list month and my other palms are looking good, is that okay Mir. Gro for the future ?

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