looking for updates on potted Coconuts

andyandy(6bMI)May 9, 2011

Just looking to hear from any of you with Potted coconuts. How did they make it through the winter, how long have you had them outside, and how much growth have you seen?

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My potted coconut palms did fantastic inside. They gave me absolutely no problems, and they didnt get a huge amount of sunlight or warmth either. I bought My smallest coconut palm in August 2010 and it didnt even have roots. Now it has roots and it made it through its first winter without even losing a frond! My older coconut palm (I got it in June 2009) is a bit bare because an animal ate 2 of the lower fronds. But its pushing a new frond now (its been working on it since last fall) and it should start making fully adult fronds this summer! Some people say they are very hard to keep when indoors, but they are one of my easier plants. They do get a bit burned sometimes when they go outside which is why I make sure they are watered well when its sunny outside.
Hope everyone elses northern cocos are doing well!

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Sounds good, I think the mistake people maek with them is over watering in the winter. I have a tall from Hawaii and this will be its 3rd summer in Michigan. It has three full adult fronds and the newest spear has started to shw signs of growht after three full days in sun. It poured this morning ans is supposed to be party sunny nad 75-80 tomorrow and Thursday. There was virtually no browning indoors this year. I had it in a north facing window where it got full morning sun. I also have a green dwarf and this will be its 2nd summer up here. It started putting out adult fronds last summer. Looks a little rougher than the tall but it started putting up a new spear in the past couple of days. Keep it up and enjoy the growth. They really grow fast wehen it is warm.

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