What have I gone and done!!!!

jeelli(5/6 CT)January 14, 2010

I have three Plumeria- a dwarf Singapore that is doing fine, a cutting, and a seedling. The cutting and the seedling lost all of their leaves.

So. I let the soil dry out (not hard to do- it's winter in New England) and then I unpotted them, snipped off most of the roots- OH YES I DID- let them dry out for a day or two, then I stored them in a drafty kitchen cabinet (temps no lower than 60 degrees)

Have I doomed them? Don't asked me why I didn't check out winterizing here first!!! I had finally gotten that cutting to leaf out, and the seedling is three years old (and I left it in the pot every other winter...)

Should I be kicking myself HARD or what??? aaggghhhh

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Your cutting and seedling will drop it's leaves in the winter when the plants go dormant, especially when temps. drop. That's normal. If the stems were still firm and solid, and showed no signs of being soft or mushy, I would have left them in their pots and just brought them indoors and put them in a location by a window where they would be warm and get some sunlight. I don't think I would have taken them out of their pots and cut off the roots. I don't know if they are "doomed" or not, I guess you'll find out when you re-pot them in the spring. Hopefully, you'll get them to root again. These are just my thoughts, I'm sure others will chime in and give theirs.
Good luck,

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Cutting the roots was the only error. If you cut them completely off they will just take longer to regrow a new root system. When you pot them up in the spring, water once and then watch the tip. If claws form you can water again but do so very sparingly with several weeks to dry out. Without roots, the plant cannot take up water and the stem can rot. As leaves appear, begin more frequent watering and add fertilizers. Your plants should recover and grow roots quicker than a new rooting cutting but treat it almost the same for the first month or two. Next time just store roots and all wrapped in burlap or newspaper or even as is- they do not dry out much. Bill

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jeelli(5/6 CT)

I'm happy to say I didn't cut the roots completely off- each one has a bit of roots at the bottom. Thanks Tdogdad- I'm glad all is not lost. Whew!!!

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