Best Cycad for cold region/ house plant

nokiMay 9, 2011

Best Cycad for colder region? Could be outside during summer. Or kept inside by a south window.

Actually bought a Coontie from the grocery that looks okay, but doesn't seem like they are kept much as a potted plant like that. Could a Coontie be kept in an unheated garage during the winter near a window? Temps never go below 30 degrees F.

Just saw some typical "Sago Palms" outside at a nursery, look like they been growing normally outside imported from down south. Should I get one of those instead? Or look for a Cardboard that hasn't been abused yet?

Just want to get one and get it to grow somewhat "well", just to have one cycad.

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I have had good luck with dioon spinulosum and cycas revoluta in a unheated garage but the dioon lost some of there leaves because the garage was opened regularly during the winter.

I also overwintered a sago outside

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karate626(7A Maryland)

Statenislandpalm- Can you elaborate on your sago you overwintered? I would love to overwinter a sago in my zone 7 yard in Maryland 30 miles north of Washington DC.


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I think the common Cycas revoluta is common for a reason--it's a great plant with a fair degree of cold tolerance. Mine are too big (and valuable) to do zonal experimenting, but maybe I'll try one year with a smaller one (with some protection). Coonties are just more temperamental in my experience. Your Sago will be fine in a chilly garage as long as frosts are light--keep mine in the 28-60 F range over Winter with some light.--I also like Dioon (overwintered in similar conditions. P.S., Important to keep really DRY over cold season--I think I might water mine once while they're in the garage (December until mid March).

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I planted a small sago about 1 gallon. I protected it with 2 strings of 100 cristmas lights covered by a plastic box

Only one leaf is still green. I also overwintered a cordyline and a trachy in the box

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Cycas taitungensis and taitungensis x guizhouensis are rated cold hardy to zone 7b.

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Dennis, My dioon also lost some fronds in my garage. Still a bit of green left though so all I need now is a good flush!

Sago palms really are one of the easiest plants you can grow indoors. I keep them inside during the winter and take them out in the spring. Mine has an terrible habit of flushing indoors which messes up the look of the fronds.

Cycas taitungensis are considered the most cold tolerant cycad (that recovers quick enough to look nice for the summer).

Im trying a dioon edule this winter. I just hope it flushes a bit this summer so its fuller!
Good luck!

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