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coff62(z8WA)May 15, 2010

I'm thinking of ordering Roebellini from, does anyone have experience with them? They are pricey but willing to pay if service and product is good. Any other recommendations?

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I dont personally have any experience w/ them, but I hear they are good. I also believe it comes with the pot in the picture, but Im not sure about that and I think the price also includes shipping.

Good luck!

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I would check EVERYWHERE else first,they are notoriously overpriced on many of their palms(last I looked).
At one time they had $300 banana plants-BTW if you want one at that price I will sell you ALL of mine(-;
They also caused a lot of problems(actually it was funny for a while!)by having fake posters come on here and pretend they were thinking about buying a palm there.
This would usually involve someone who just joined GW that day - acting like they were really excited about this place.

It was a sad and desperate attempt to get a buzz going about their company.

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They are probably a decent company but like jim said, most of the plants are way overpriced. I got a 7 foot pygmy palm at a local nursery for 60 dollars (and I dont live in the south either). I think they want at least 3 or 4 times that. I said that I heard they were reliable but now Im second guessing myself since some of the things I read may have been fake so I would look other places first.

Good luck!

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Home depot and lowes have these as housplants and they can order. Ive seena seven gallon at 5 feet for 50 bucks

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The vast majority of their palm are ridiculously overpriced.

However, after bargaining with them and buying 4 large Hyophorbe, I was able to get 40% off the asking price. When I added the fact that they were going to build an expensive, well made wooden crate and ship the palms all the way from Florida to California for free, I decided that it was a good deal. I later sold two of the palms and ended up getting a really great deal on the two I kept.

I ordered 7 foot palms and all arrived at that height or greater and they were in good shape considering what they went through on the cross country trip.

But they no longer ship their small and medium size palms for free so I don't know if one can still get a good deal.

Try bargaining with them and see if you can get the price down. If possible buy a few palms with your fellow palm nuts and see what kind of deal you can get.

Their palms are really good. Its just that they want too much money for them, especially in today's economy.

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I checked out the website and the prices are WAY TOO HIGH. Now, if you are able to talk them down, like mentioned above, then who knows... But it seems like a rip off to me.

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Thanks for all your responses. I agree prices are high!! I'll follow up with Lowes to see if they'll do a special order. I tried Home Depot they said they don't special order palms.

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why waste lots of bucks purchasing palm trees,why dont consider growing your own palm tree,you can even purchase your seeds online..if you want i can refer you to a reliable online tips are available evry where on the web of how to grow and take care of your seedlings and even boosting it up

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb

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Welcome to GW mehdiservina

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I spent $6300 + tax +transport + duties with them last year -they were overpriced and they did not send a credit for broken and damaged palms and charged me 2 times to spray for fire-ants Beware- In all fairness they did have some reasonably sized palms in my order for the money.. But I would never deal with them again because of the poor customer service and shaky dealings.

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