it's time to dig Irises....

Lisa_H(7)July 3, 2012

Somewhere along the way I learned you should separate bearded irises around the 4th of July. I need to do that this year. I have a plethora of them and I want to take some to my sis.

If someone in OKC wants a few, give me a holler, I will probably have a few to share.


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I have plenty of the white iris orinetalises too...those are the tall strap-y flowers to the right of center in the photo. I could share a TON of those! Feel free to come by with a shovel :)


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Lisa, I would LOVE to take some of those off your hands. :) I'm in Choctaw, but you tell me when and where to show up, and I'll do it. :)


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Oh my gollies! Thanks for the reminder!

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Jacksonmom...can you email me through my "my page" so I can contact you? It should give you a place to message me. I am more than happy to share! I can dig up the bearded irises, but the i. orientalis takes a little more work! They are lovely though and will multiply well for you.

Chickencoupe, did you mean the reminder to split the irises? You are welcome!

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Jacksonmom...I got your email. It's probably not a great time to do the bearded irises, but if you want some of the iris orientalises, it should be fine to dig them up now. Next weekend is not so great, but probably after that will be fine. I could probably stand to pot some up for the spring fling.

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I don't see a place to email you from your "my page." You might need to adjust your settings a little.

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