sun has everything at attention

andyandy(6bMI)May 26, 2010

84 outside which is about the 4th strait day of sunny and at least 80. All of my palms (especially) the coconuts have grown more in the past few days then they did all winter. We had the best possible conditions to get things going. Tons of rain Friday night, then the sun started coming out Saturday and it's been mostly sunny and in the 80s since Sunday. My bananas are taking off as well. After a crap summer in 2009 things are shaping up in 2010. It reminds of 2005 which was really hot after a crummy 2004. It's so much fun to see your palms REALLY start to take off during the first real heat wave. Especailly in late May. We still have almost a month until peek sun up here.

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Average high here for this time of the year is maybe just short of 80F and todays temp is 92! This is the first really above average day we have had in a while and its not unusual to see this kind of heat at this time of the year, but its still very warm. In just one day the plants have taken off. One of my plumerias that has been dormant for a while just today decided to push a leaf out. The cannas are the most impressive right now since they pushed out an entire leaf in ONE day!
Tommorrow is going to be about 80, then friday is cool at 68 (thats about 10 degrees below average) then saturday gets near to average at 76 and Sunday is back in the mid 80s. Temps look at least be average with the exception of friday and Saturday and some days are just plain hot!
Still have a little ways to go before we get to that consistent heat summer brings but today would be a typical day in mid summer. The palms and all my plants are growing like crazy in this heat!

Good luck!

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I knooooooooooooooow what you guys mean!
After April being +7f above normal
May started out by going almost -10f(first 15 days) below
As of today(so far)6"+ of rain this month.

Then on Saturday the heat got turned on-Sat 86 -Sun 90
Mon 95-Tues 93 with lows all three(90+)days above 70.
Yesterday the low was 70,up to 90,1/2" of rain,down to
72-clouds gone and back to to 93!

he dewpoint was 81 with a heat index of 111!

My Basjoos grew a foot in 2 days,basically put out a leaf in
3 days.

Not really very comfortable weather(-;
but it is fun to watch the tropical stuff go bananans!

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Andyandy -- I look at it this way -- we've already had more summer this week than in all of 2009, so any more warm weather we get this year is just a bonus.

It makes such a difference to have just a few nights in the 60's, something we basically had NONE of in 2009.

Things are happier, and growing now.

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Over here in California,my area's highest has been in the high 80f's only for a few days here and there. The rest of the days have been rainy, cloudy, and cold! This is one of the coldest summers that I have seen. Temps are about 10f+ below normal. We should be in the high 80f's everyday and should have had a couple of 90f's days as well.
Hopefully it warms up over here soon. And good luck everyone.

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Here it is hot in the low 90s and upper 80s on the cooler days. Now the rainy season starts and the plants will grow again. The sun is so hot I think I am getting tanned on my feet through me shoes and socks lol.

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Our "cold front" moved in last night without so much as a drop. The humidity was noticeably lower this morning. It's still getting to 82 which is about 7 degrees above normal and it could be 88 by Sunday. If the forcast holds up we will have had a 9 day stretch with an average high of 83. That is July weather around here. I'm still amzed how quicly things are growing (including my lawn, which I've had to cut twice a week for the past month). I really noticed my Roebellini taking on a nice summer shape. I think this is the first spring that I've been able to get it acclimated enough to the sun that there has been virtually no sun burn. Everyone enjoy their long weekend. Mine gets kicked off tonight getting the lawn cut, cracking open a few cold ones, putting the Tigers on the radio, and enjoying the tropical view with a nice DRY summer breeze.

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Well, I'm happy, it feels more like summer now than at any time in 2009 -- I recall virtually NO warm, muggy evenings last summer. It was definitely muggy yesterday, I had the day off and was working on planting out flats of veggies. Had to stop for a couple of hours during the peak of the weather and work on potting up containers for the shady patio are.

I might get some sweet potatoes, melons, and tomatoes this year! Yeah.

Oh, and the palms and bananas look SO happy!

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Lets hope the folks at H.A.A.R.P dont get itchy fingers.

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Temperatures about to start coming down and a lot of rain. We needed the rain we got Monday after so many dry days well into the 80s. I think I saw highs of 73 by the weekend. I just hope it's with some sun. All of my palms just exploded in the last 9 days I hate to see the growth stall.

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Who would of thought!!!

Thanks to that big ole high pressure of the East coast, and the dip in the troth in the West, FINALLY, our turn, I have been rejoicing along with my palms for weeks now..

It is beautiful to see how they respond after a nice thunderstorm, when the warm sunny days return and warm balmy evenings....I LOVE this year so far..maybe we will even see the June bugs this year.

My pool temp is already at 75 when last year this time it was only 58...

We have been averaging the 80's into the 90's, then 70's for weeks with not a one frost all May, when we had about a dozen up to Memorial day last year..




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Sounds like you are doing very good up there this year. Average temps over here but some days have been very humid and summer-like. The plants are really loving the improving weather and everything (thats alive) is growing really well. My hibiscus have lots of buds now and almost have a full amount of leaves. My coconut palm is about finished pushing out its firt full frond of the season and the windmill palms and sabals are pushing out new leaves also. And my ice cream banana already has a pup on it!

Good luck!

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