Manganese sulfate for withering sago

chicy724May 28, 2010

Our sago's new leaves have what I've discovered is called "frizzle top". The new leaves are curling and spots of it are turning brown. They say to spray the leaves with manganese sulfate, and fertilize with such. We put in Jobe's palm fertilizer spikes this past weekend.

I am trying to find manganese sulfate to mix and spray on the leaves and only find it on alpha chemicals and it says it is only 32% mn. Is this okay? I can't seem to find it anywhere else. Would I just mix 3x the amount because it's such little manganese concentration?

Thanks for any help. I want to get my poor little sago back to health, it's only been in the ground for a few months! Thank you all!

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Is it also possible that the mulch we have covering it shouldn't be there? Perhaps it is keeping too much moisture?
We have it planted with two white indian hawthornes and used miracle grow tree and shrub soil when planting. I think we were wrong in using that type of soil without proper fertilization after planting. We are new to this. :) oops!
Any help on the manganese and other pointers on how to keep our sago at its best health are appreciated.

Thank you!

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Let's see some pictures to help diagnose the problem

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