What's eating my lettuce inside my greenhouse?

Valleyman(6)April 30, 2014

Twice this season my lettuce bed has been eaten which is inside my greenhouse. I have to leave the door partially open for ventilation. Yesterday, I left it open with only a 2" gap which I wedge an old window screen between the door and the outside wall to block it off.

1st time I assumed it was a woodchuck because I left it less secure. I really don't think it is now because of the small opening and nothing was disturbed and it seemed secure. The wee beastie purposely left the parsley and luckily my seedling tomatoes were left untouched.

Any ideas? I'm thinking of buying a trail cam.

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geosankie(5a NEPA)

Whatever it is , I think it's an "inside job" LOL
Sorry, it's 40 degrees and its raining again.. :-(
Seriously though, make sure the little helper isn't living inside the greenhouse somewhere.

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I haven't ruled the inside job out just yet. Though there's been 2 weeks since the last heist was pulled. I'm suspicious about the back corner under the bench. Now I have to make time and get down under there and lift a board or two and see if I can find tunneling.

In between the two robberies, I did construct an exact fitting screen door made of hardware cloth. But I got lazy the other day and used the window screen instead.

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