May pics 2010

tropicalzone7(7b)May 15, 2010

Heres whats going on in my yard...

This is by the pool. Lots of different plants in this pic including a philodendron, windmill palm, livingstonia (aka chinese fan palm) pineapple, money tree, pixie lilies, and violets. The philodendron and pineapple are going to be dug up in the fall. The windmill palm, pixie lily, and violet are spending there second summer in the ground now after making it through the winter, and this coming winter will be the first winter it has spent outdoors.

This a continuation of the first pic. My other windmill palm which also made it through the winter is in this as well as some more pixie lilies, a Schefflera arboricola, a pindo palm, a plumeria pudica (thats the stick looking thing) and a thai black banana will go in the back.

Here are some more tropicals including a red mandevilla which almost didnt make it but is now making a nice come back. The banana in this pic is an ice cream banana

You can see some spanish moss, a thanksgiving cactus, and a staghorn fern in this pic

Here is a planter full of pink lace cactus with one of them in bloom and a few more in bud. I plan on keeping these outside all year long but moving them to a better spot during the winter months.

Some more spanish moss as well as a hawaiian ti plant, some bromeliads in the hanging basket, croton on the bottom right side and a variegated rubber tree.

In this is my Chamaedorea microspadix (its still a seedling) and a newly planted windmill palm. Inbetween these two palms is a pink lace cactus and a eastern prickly pear.

The palm in this pic is a sabal domingensis (this winter will be its first in the ground) and the ferns with some ostrich ferns underneath.

This winter will also be the first winter for my medditeranean fan palm.

My sabal minor is finally shooting up some new leaves after getting some leaf burn to the tips from this past winter.

This is an Ornithogalum longibracteatum. Its making 2 flower stalks. The stem that holds the flower gets pretty long and the one in this pic is about 2 feet long already and still hasnt opened its flowers. It will probably begin flowering in a week or 2 and will last about a month or so.

Some more potted plants. The seedlings are my 3 year old windmill palms and the long pots have dragon wing begonia seedlings in them. Also in this pic are my 2 new orleanders and my 5 year old queen palm.

Heres my pindo palm. Its slowly pushing up a new leaf but at least it made it trhough the winter without damage.

In the long pots are some cannas and what I thought was an areca is actually a cat palm which is now making seeds. Im not sure if they are viable but Ill test them anyway.

My canna robert kemp are finally comming up. I had these cannas a few years ago and didnt know the name and when I finally found the name, I had to get some. Another plus about this canna is that the seeds germinate very easily and true to the name.

Lots of plants in this pic including a mexican petunia, plumeria (thats the large forked stick in the back), elephant ear (just begining to get some decent growth) sago palm (that needs a new flush), Musa cheka bananas, agave americana variegrated, the gray pot to the right is a musella which was chopped down to the soil accidentally, but is growing back, and all the way in the right corner behind the cannas is a solandra maxima.

My new pindo is to the left with my cavendish which is very slowly growing and a 4 year old orange tree grown from seed.

Pool area plants including a pygmy palm, umbrella tree, coconut palm (in the back), double peach hibiscus (still recovering but it does have some flower buds), and a super dwarf cavendish.

Thanks for looking!!! All these plants have a lot more growing to do so hopefully the summer will be nice and warm!

Good luck everyone!!!


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Looking good!

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Thanks! I got a few more plants today so Ill post them tomorrow.

Good luck!

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Wow it looks more like a jungle in the tropics than a zone 7 yard. Keep up the good work. I will post my pics in early july when everything is planted.

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Thanks! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your yard. It sounds like you got a lot of new additions.

Good luck!

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Nice! Could just about be suburban Honolulu.

What kind of protection do you give your Pindos?

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Thanks a lot!
For protection all I did for my pindo was tie the leaves up. Then I wrapped x-mas lights around the leaves. After that I put a frost cloth other the lights to keep it a little warmer. Lastly I put a plastic garbage bin on top to trap more heat in and keep the moisture out. I only protected it when temps were predicted to go below 25F and it went down to 23F because there was one night that went down to 23F and I didnt have the protection on. The protection kept it about 20F warmer than outside keeping it from getting too warm or too cold. Also if it rained or snowed I put the garbage bin over it to keep it dry. I really think keeping palms dry during the winter is really important for its survival. To put the entire thing on takes about 5 minutes. I also kept it on during cold days just to keep it a little happier. Pindos are pretty hardy palms and Im very glad that it survived the winter.

Good luck!

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Heres a few more pics from today (sorry for the endless pics!)
Some more tropicals including my new bromeliad which has a pup coming up and a nice flower head (which unfortunately marks the end of the mother plant's life).

If any of you remember the yuccas I had last year as annuals, the yucca you see in the middle of this next planter is a cutting of it. I got a ton of cuttings from the yuccas and this is one of the larger ones. They grow very fast. I have begonias below it and vincas and wandering jews as vines which will eventually spill down from the pot.

In a few weeks this will fill out nicely. I like the bright colors on this begonia.

Thanks again for looking!!!

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Everything looks great-looks like a tropical zone!

I think your lace cactus will do fine outside even if just put under an overhang to keep them dry in winter.

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Im definitely going to put it under a overhang to stay dry which is probably the most important thing for cactus.


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I think that jacklord guy is really from Hawaii 5 0

he just gave himself away!(-;

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Alex how was your needle palm doing mine got spearpull and rotted. You said there is still a little pup on it.

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Lol, yeah I think so jim!
I dug up the needle palm and right now it is still Bare root. Another pup had spear pull but there is still one more left. I think another pup was coming up, but I accidentally broke it off. I think in going to pot it up and give it a chance to recover and maybe give it a try again in a year or 2 but this time with protection.

Thanks for looking everyone!!

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Always enjoy looking at other peoples plant pics. What kind of tree do you have that spanish moss hanging in?

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I also enjoy seeing other peoples plant pics.
The tree the spanish moss is on is an ornamental cherry tree. Its definitely not the typical tree that spanish moss hangs on, but it seems to blend into it pretty nicely. I kept a little on it over the winter and it did survive with only a few brown spots. Not bad considering it was covered in heavy snow 3 times!

Thanks and good luck!

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Nicely done. You have a nice piece of paradise.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey TZ7,

Your pictures are just beautiful!!! (As always!!!)
I need to post some of mine soon...thanks for helping me figure out how to post them last year!!

Do you sink your Plumeria pots? I have been thinking about doing that to a couple of mine. Let me know how you sink you use the 5 gal-7 gal method?

Thanks for letting us see your tropical yard!!!

Laura in VB

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In my other life I head the special state constabulary in Hawaii. Otherwise, I must make do on the Costa del Maryland.


Once again, great scenery. I am working on my patio as well, but it does not compare.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Nice pics TZ! Your pigmy palm is large. Funny I have had one in a pot for years and its getting big as well. I thought the pot might stop her from gaining a 3-4 height. Her trunk is 2+ feet so far.

I like orleander as well. Would you mind sharing with me where to buy the Orleander and how much it was? I had one years ago before I know about winterizing and it go so large.

LOL.. its time to enjoy you plants and stop buying or you may look like that over crowded house in the other post.

Jacklord, you cracked me up, I can appreciate "Costa del Maryland" :-)))

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Thanks a lot everyone for all the compliments!
Laura, I only planted one plumeria in the ground and that was my plumeria pudica. Since it was dieing and had on leaves on it (which is unusual for a pudica because its an evergreen species), I planted it in the ground without a pot. My plan is to dig it up with a good shovel in the fall which is a little more work, but probably more worth it since the roots have more room to grow. Plumerias dont really mind getting there roots cut back a little so I figured it was worth just sticking it in the ground.
My largest plumeria has been potted up and next year I will probably sink a pot in the ground like I planned to this year. Im looking forward to seeing some pics of your yard.
Greg, I actually saw a tent at a mall in staten island with plants in it so I looked and saw an orleander. I really love orleanders (especially the white ones), and have never seen any for sale anywhere nearby me so when I saw those I had to get some. I dont think its there permenantly so they probably go there once a year in the spring. It was (I think) about 15 dollars for each which wasnt too bad of a price at all. I know they grow quick so Im sure once I pot them up they will really begin to grow. One also has aphids so Im going to have to treat it. Ive tried coffee grinds (since I hear that works) and it might have slowed the aphids down, but they are far from gone. The ladybugs do help though!

Heres a pic of the pygmy palm again but now with the pool in the background.

Thanks again for looking!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Great looking yard Alex,my pygmy is about 6ft tall, trunk and fronds total.Im glad to see your pindo made it through winter.I dont know what I will do once my pygmy palm gets over 7ft,the doors in my house are only 7ft tall.I also like yuccas,I have 3 of the adams needle.I had a spanish dagger yucca that was about 6ft tall until a strong storm snapped it off at ground level.I did get about 50 seeds off it before that happened,it had started to branch out.I dident know they would do that.Have you tried any variegated yuccas?I have 4 of them,they would look good mixed in with all that greenery.You have a great looking yard and you take good pictures.I was wondering what kind of fertilizer do you use on your pygmy palm?

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Very nice collection. I want that pigmy date! Very nice palm. I have one question though, what was your winter low? I'm surprised to see that your sabal minor got tip burn. I'm in Michigan and we only got down to 5 degrees ABOVE zero. I couldn't imagine that you got colder than we did...

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Butiaman, I would love to put a variegrated yucca in between those begonias. That would look really nice! I only had those yuccas at the time so I just used those. I use miracle gro for the pygmy but I think Im going to start giving it some good palm fertilizer.

Islandbreeze, Thanks! I love my pygmy palm. Even though its not my favorate type of palms its definitely one of my top palms because of how well it does in pots. I do think Im going to have to repot it because its only in a 5 or 7 gallon right now (you can see it a little in one of the pics).
Im not sure why my sabal got damage since our low for the winter was only 14F and it was even protected. It probably saw the same or similar temperatures as my pindo palm which had no damage. At 14F I dont think it should have gotten any damage even without protection. But Im very glad I protected it because I dont think it would of made it if I didnt. It could have been a greenhouse grown sabal but Im hoping that it is less tender for me next winter.

Thanks again everyone for looking! Today was cooler here and the same for tommorrow but looks like 80s all week long next week.

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I had to post a pic of my first hibscus bloom of the year! This hibiscus lost almost every leaf while indoors last winter because of aphids and some scale too. Then I took it out in mid march and it saw a frost killing every leaf but leaving one tiny flower bud green. Now about 2 months later that flower bud (which has been on the plant since fall) now is in bloom! Some more buds are forming so I think it will be in full bloom a few weeks from now. Weather is going to be warm this week here and it already has been warm in a good part of the eastern half of the country.

Heres a pic of the bloom with some moisture on it from the rain.

Thanks again for looking!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Are you sure your not in Hawaii... and not just telling us that you are somewhere in the northeast? LOL !!!!

That Hibiscus bloom is a beauty...Congratulations!!!
I love that picture!!!!

Laura in VB

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Thanks so much Laura!
I love hibiscus. They are one of my favorite tropical flowers.

Good luck! Hope all your plants are doing fantastic!

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