Canary Island Date Palm Groom/Skin Stem?

monizacMay 4, 2009

I have a Canary Island Date Palm with an 8' high beautiful pine cone looking stem. Some of the "stubs" which create the pine cone look are starting to rot and have fallen off and others are becoming hollow. Personally I like to leave things as natural as possible, but I am beginning to get concerned that our wet weather (SW of Houston) is creating a situation where the old frond stubs should be removed. (Because they could get water logged, harbour insects or other pests) I have seen examples in high end homes and malls where the stems have been "skinned", and just have the pine cone look near the growing fronds. Do they use a special tool? Would this be logical for my situation? Can you do it yourself? Would it be healthy for my tree? We usually just trim off the old fronds with an electric chain saw on a pole. Grateful for any insight.

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You can cut them off. Keep the ones closer to the fronds for a better look, but you definately could cut the lower ones. I am not sure how you would get them off. You may have to hire someone.

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

Over time the ends of Canary will loosen and you will be able to pull them off. I like the look where the butt end of the most recent fronds is somewhat longer, the next oldest rather tight, then most the palm clean when the ends get to where the pull off with just a little effort.
If you want to trim more, you can get a palm knife like this one,
or you can just use a carpet knife, which you can get at any hardware store.

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