Think my J. Chilensis will recover?

earthworm73(WA z8)May 5, 2013

I got this 5 gallonish CWP at the beginning of the year. I placed it into my sometimes heated greenhouse for the winter. Unfortunately that greenhouse was often very humid during the day and night. After about a month in the greenhouse I noticed it started to gradually yellow mostly on the strap leaves until it looks like this pic today. The second pic is what it looked like a few days after delivery. I think the yellowing is from being in the humid conditions of the greenhouse. Or it could be from delivery shock? Do you think it has a chance of recovering from this episode? The yellowing doesn't seem to be progressing and I think I am seeing some movement in the spear but I could be wishful thinking.

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Make sure the water is draining good and not holding standing water in the pot. Spray with a fungicide and it should be OK. I say "should" because it appears to look OK by the pic. Good luck.

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I thought that wine palms prefer cooler, dryer conditions. I would take it out of the greenhouse and see if it does better.

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Thanks guys. IB I took it outta that greenhouse a couple weeks ago. I kinda put in there to keep it dry during winter and kinda forgot about it. It is now still in the pot but sitting in my best microclimate. Our rainy season is over so no worries about the thing staying too wet. We are very dry every month of summer.

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