Plumeria looking wrinkly , is this normal?

Evie1978January 31, 2012

I know I'm probably worrying too much and everything is probably fine but here it goes. Late last summer I potted up a plumeria cutting did the root tone powder watered and left alone. I brought in when are temps got cool and put in a southeast facing window to get light. So here about two weeks ago I was watering my other house plants ad noticed it was quite wrinkly so I thought of giving it some water not alot just enough not to do any harm , thinking it might have a few roots to intake water, the cane its self is green , more so at the top of the cutting, I know that its been feeding off what it has stored nutrition but is there something I should do differently?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Evie,

First of all welcome!!!

Does your Plumeria have any leaves? Any signs of roots?

What does the claw activity look like?

You say that the stem is starting to shrivel?

When you water did you water around the rim of the comtainer only?

We sometimes worry to much on our plants, but when we are trying to root them...that is a different road!!!

I would use a heat mat on my cutting. DO you have it in a suny location?

Keep an eye on it and try not to mess with it (picking it up and looking at it) They really like to be left alone while rooting. TTheir roots are so small and fragile, they can break off just by us picking uo the container if they are loose in the soil to look at how they are doing.

We always say around here on the Plumeria forum...if you think they need water...wait a week!!! LOL But true...

Keep the bottom warm.

Im sure your treee is just fine.

Wanted to give you my 2 cents worth...

Can you post a picture? That will really help us see what is happening with your tree.

Take care,


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