Drip Irrigation System?

elucas101(8)January 23, 2014

Does anyone have an irrigation system set up to water their plants? (Not an in-ground system) Pros? Cons? Worth the money?

As I'm beginning to think about spring I have begun to fantasize about an auto-watering system of some sort to make my life oh-so-much easier...is this just a dream???

Here are a couple I found:


Although I do enjoy the time watering gives me to closely inspect my plants and see critters, realistically it gets so darn hot here that spending an hour every other day or so gets to be a pretty big chore.

What do you all think?

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey E

I have used similar systems in the past with good results. Nothing beats an automatic system. You can also buy those kits at Home Depot and lowes. their kits are usually smaller but you can buy the individual emitters and tubing separately to customize your system. Dont forget a timer and be sure you get a good one. I have had some of the cheaper ones fail and leave my plants dry. I even had a cheap on blow up and flood the yard.


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Thanks for the reply Mike, I will definitely take a look at those! So you've used them in the past - are you not using an automatic system anymore? If not, why?

I was wondering if people prefer to hand water because they can spray the leaves, whereas an auto system won't, or if they are just more trouble than they're worth, break all the time, etc.? Or is the cost a deterrent?

Just curious why I don't hear about these more or have I just not been paying attention? haha!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

When i first became a home owner it was prior to my obsession for tropicals so I didnt have much to water. I used one of those systems for the flower beds and part of the grass. My next home had a small yard and everything was packed in tight so using a hose was not only therapeutic but easy enough to justify not spending money on the drip systems. The place i just moved into is almost an Acre and my veggie garden, tropical beds and where my plumies will be is a long ways away from the water source. I may come up with something to avoid hauling out 100' of hose.


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I am pretty sure Barbra had Gary convert her Plumeria beds to drip irrigation this last summer. You can buy a "Patio kit" which gives you all the basic components for setting one up for containers at L or HD. (just like Mike said). I think i have one in the garden shed I can bring to the next meeting if you wanted to look at one.

as far as the hose goes...over the holidays I went to an "As Seen on TV" Christmas party and walked out with 100 foot flex hose and bacon bowls. The bacon bowls are the best thing ever and that flex hose is at least in the top 5 gag gifts ever received. It might be an inexpensive solution and it works well. Although I would say the flow or output is not as strong as standard hoses.

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plumejunkie(9a SF Bay Area)

Check out Blumats, they're awesome! A clay cone buried in the soil senses moisture and regulates the amount of water applied to the plant. There's a pressure regulator that hooks up to your spigot, or if you grow indoors, you can hook up your line to a resevuar. It's cool tech.

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